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I don't play like that, it's just for screenshots. I was using the "DSR" feature nVidia came out with recently that lets you use a higher resolution and then scale that down to the display resolution. The frame rate isn't bad in SB as long as I keep the antialiasing under 8, but the interface becomes tiny and hard to use as it's being scaled down to 1920x1080 for display on my monitor.

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From Cougar's LZ Bastogneinfantry mission played last night with the DOW

Helicopters enroute to LZ Nuts with infantry


Clearing enemy infantry in Bastogne


Infantry with artillery strike called on nearby enemy infantry


After securing Bastogne, perimeter set up to defend against enemy counterattack.


Bradley Tow missile about to hit enemy tank



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Sorry to have missed it, but I was tucked up in bed, sound asleep at that time!

I hear the infantry behaved very well, which can happen if the terrain is not too challenging, the buildings aren't too large or too close together, and if there are NO WALLS. :c: looks like Cougar chose the map extremely carefully. :)

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In all my years playing SB, I don't recall ever being the victim of blue-on-blue in single player.

But tonight, running through a customized version of the Camp Hornfeldt Tactical Movement scenerio for about the gazillionth time, it happened. Twice. In less than 3 minutes.

I was playing from the commander's seat of 1/1/A.About 24 minutes in, there had been no contact other than a couple of technicals. Then, after having smoke fired to screen our next movement, a column of three BMPs came tooling out of the woods along the highway. My gunner took out the lead BMP (seen on the right below) and I swung the turret around to designate No. 2. As I did ...


No damage. I thought one of the BMPs had gotten off a missile shot. The AAR revealed the truth.

About 2 minutes later, I spied a platoon of red tanks on the slope across the open valley and engaged them through the smokescreen, killing one and ordering the driver to back up to give the gunner a clear shot at another. ...


I see now the folly of that move.

You can guess what happened next.


Ammo storage. Thank god for blast doors; no crew casualties.

I didn't know what hit me, so I popped more smoke and beat it.


Now with just the .50 and coax (I forgot, but there must have still been a sabot loaded in the breach?) here I am catching something from Russia with love while trying to hose down a mech infantry platoon in the woodline with nothing but machineguns.


And here my wingman, on the left, whose name must be Schultz, passes my smoking wreck saying, "I. know. noth-thing."


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