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The new graphics engine

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They're like that on the real M1...i think.

Eases the supply chain.

Only need to supply one type of light headlight cluster.

And rear lights and indicators all come from the same parts bins,

For Brad, Humvee, etc.

You could probably put a modern US Army rear light cluster on a WW2 Jeep without much fuss.

Actually what I meant was that the 3d artist mirrored the entire chassis, modelling only the left side. Explaining why you got the air intake on the right side.

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I just love the amount of knowledge, energy and dedication people in the Steelbeast community carry. I joined as Kelvin in 2004 and has since read this forum. I am myself no master of this field so little I contribute. But if someone asked me for help, to help out, in this community I would.

Thanks to all for the great time you give me in this forum!

And yes thank you Esim Games for your ongoing works. After soon 9 years simulation runs to think of Steelbeast as "No more" is just to much.

Happy holidays

Kelvin Ice

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