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NBG Part I AAR(s)


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Most of the SCT at the LoD

At almost this time, 12Alfa had to be CASEVAC'd (network issue) and took no further role in proceedings.

Tacbat seamlessly stepped up to take command of A PL, but I'd lost one of a minority in the CT, a native born English speaker.

SCT crossed the LoD on time (always good) and I think more through good luck than good management, D PL appeared to be following us, albeit some way behind.

H+29 The ATGM Ambush:


The Enemy on the distant shore

I had just finished relaying the latest FRAGO to B and C PLs, to continue beyond TOIKKALA, when I saw the tell tale streak of fire across my front that was a ATGM being fired at the Biber in front of me.

The enemy FO party and ATGM team that had been asleep on the other side of the lake and had allowed almost half the BG to drive past had finally woken up and decided on shooting at my CT HQ and A PL behind me. I was not amused.

Luckily B and C PLs were well clear of the Engagement Area (EA) (black rectangle above) and avoided contact. Their positions are marked by the blue ovals above.

The only way was forward so I turned my tank into the threat and provided covering fire for the mission essential Biber and the FO wagon.


My tank returns fire as the Biber, whilst damaged in an earlier near miss, and the FO vehicle attempt to drive out of the EA

The Strv122 took damage and I heard that the Biber had lost a crewman but remained functional.

As I continued to exchange shots and withdrew into the tree line, seeking some concealment, I also saw the green FO driver, lose control of his vehicle, go through the freeway guardrail as if it were balsa, and sink without a trace into the lake:


Moments before the FO vehicle "drowns"

Moments later the FO party bobbed to the surface and scrambled ashore. This was to be the start of a very long walk for them, through the snow in wet kit.

As I looked at the mess that had once been a state of the art fire control system and the driver and loader set about inspecting the running gear (we had taken damage to both sides), I realised I had more responsibilities than just a vehicle commander.

Over the CT net, A PL had also reported "Contact Missile!"

I contacted GOBLIN (the fires guy) and requested suppression HE missions on the far side of the lake.

I also contacted SNOWFLAKE (BG CO) and provided him with a SITREP to follow up the earlier Contact Report. I didn't want the Finns to get shot up as well.

Next I had to contact B and C PLs (still on basically two nets) and provide them with an update. C PL had itself been in contact near TOIKKALA and had claimed a BMP-2 destroyed.

Finally I spoke to PACKHORSE to arrange ambulance, repair and recovery support, if possible.

Unfortunately at some point in this exchange of Missile and Tk HE fire, both of D PL's CV90s also ended up in the lake. One of my Command and Control issues had been solved but certainly not in the way I'd wanted.

By H+30 SCT looked like this:

CO SE (Strv 122) = Damaged / Immobilised

XO SE (CV9040C, FO team) = Lost

A plt (2x Strv 122) = 1 Damaged / Immobilised, 1 Taskworthy

B plt (3x Strv 122) = 3 Taskworthy

C plt (3x CV9040C) = 2 Taskworthy / 1 Random

D plt (2x CV9040C) = Lost

We were not winning this exchange and we were still the "Depth" CT.

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But SCT's tribulations were not over yet.

At H+32, as I pushed the Biber forward to the agreed medic RV (the TOIKKALA intersection) and one of A's tanks and my tank remained immobile, B PL was caught in an indirect fire mission which seemed to be targeted at the PACKHORSE elements behind HAGAR but of course the indirect fire was happy to immobilise the B PL tank as well as anything else nearby.


Red Box = Artillery Strike

Blue Oval = C PL

Brown Oval = Biber moving the RV with Medic

Green Oval = Remaining taskworthy A PL tank moving fwd to catch up with remainder of CT

Black Oval = Vehicle damaged by ATGM / drowning. In that mess is my tank and one of A PL's awaiting repair / medics or both.


Detail of B PL tk hit. Note Biber in foreground and ambulance to its left rear

After this I contact SNOWFLAKE and it is agreed that MOOSE no longer possess the combat power to be the follow on force for HAGAR.

He pushes WALRUS forward to replace us and MOOSE will concentrate near the KOIPIA lake with stragglers to catch up and to get back into the fight as soon as possible.

Given my recent experience near lakes, I'm not comfortable but those that can, begin to concentrate some 800m North of it.

I will bring the Biber and my tank forward when at least they are mobile (my ballistic computer, laser range finder, etc. will never be fixed in time).

Tacbat will bring the A PL tank forward too when it can be moved.

The FO party begins its forced march.

H+42 The reorg location is established:


Blue Oval = Re-Org location with elements of B and C PL in location.

Red Ovals = PACKHORSE (either medic or repair or both) link up with Biber and A PL tank.

Black Box = WALRUS conducting forward passage of lines to replace MOOSE.

Other Notes = locations of other individual elements of MOOSE.


Medics link up with Biber to treat severely wounded crew commander


Medic and Repair vehicles link up with the A PL tank

H+57: A PL vehicle has crew treated and begins drive to link up. Ambulance moves on to help another unit.

H+63: Biber crew treated. Biber moves fwd to concentration area for likely hand off to WALRUS. FO Party who had caught up to Biber receive some TLC from the Medics and tramp on following the Biber's tracks in the snow.

H+70: My vehicle self repaired and mobile again. Begins to move forward. No gunnery to speak of.

H+74: Biber moved forward to link up with WALRUS. Command transferred to WALRUS. No longer part of SCT.

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Phase 3: Plan B

H+80 What's left?


The remnants of the CT in the Re Org location

The Combat Team now consists of:

CO SE (Strv 122) = Damaged

A plt (2x Strv 122) = 2 Taskworthy / 1 Damaged

B plt (3x Strv 122) = 2 Taskworthy / 1 Damaged

C plt (3x CV9040C) = 2 Taskworthy / 1 controlled by "Max"

The Combat Team now has the combat power of a reinforced Platoon (or two Platoons on a good day).

However we have regrouped and the units sets off to a new location some 700m South East of the KOIPIA lake

H+87 At the next intermediate position


H+100 SCT concentrates at KIPPARILA


SCT within the oval, FO not too far behind

Note WALRUS and HAGAR crossing the double decked improvised bridge laid by PACKHORSE.

Its here that SNOWFLAKE confirms that the original attack plan is not going to change.

SCT will still be the Centre CT in the BG attack, launching over the open runway area to seize the Utti Jager Regt Barracks on the far side of all that lovely flat, open, ground.

I again thank SNOWFLAKE for giving us such an honour, but ask him again if there is not another CT in the BG more worthy?

Nope, nice try, but its still us.

Of course we only have a PL of Mech Inf instead of the initial two and about half the tanks, but needs must.

I relay the message to the CT feeling like I'm in command of the Forlorn Hope.

The CT moves fwd to the crossing point.

H+110 We cross the river


SCT crosses the temporary bridge provided by PACKHORSE

This is why protecting the Bibers was so important.

Note the blue oval of WALRUS and the Orange oval of HAGAR's positions


OC crosses with C PL behind

Not obvious in this picture are the several vehicles that PACKHORSE had had to recover out of the drink.

I also recall B PL specifically asking me to call him back after he had crossed the bridge but of course he picked this exact moment to contact me with something "urgent".


HAGAR has established its blocking position on Highway 6 and lost a tank (blue circle) to fire from the Airfield.

WALRUS is moving around to our West, skirting the water treatment works and other obstacles / infrastructure.

Multiple red circles depict enemy vehicles already destroyed.

Multiple red squares donate overlapping fire missions from GOBLIN to suppress other "issues".

The "empty" airfield was now looking like a marshalling yard for a May Day Parade!


UTTI Airfield

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Phase 4: The Attack

With Tennyson echoing in my head, the CT moves up to our LoD for the attack (basically the line provided by Highway 6, which runs East - West across our front).

The plan is simple:

A PL - Right fwd, maintain contact with WALRUS.

B PL - Left fwd, maintain contact with HAGAR. (B PL is my strongest PL and I have a be prepared task to spt HAGAR with Tk fire.

C PL - Depth

4C - Unknown (Max hasn't been contactable from the start).

CT HQ - Centre

The tanks will prop 200m short of the buildings as C PL moves forward and clears them.

Fire Spt unknown - I didn't hear SNOWFLAKE allocate a CT as Main Effort so I believe GOBLIN is answering requests for fires on a "first come, first served" basis.


A and B PLs moving to their respective locations.

Lots more red on the airfield (dead and alive).

And to round things off, C PL is ambushed on its way to the start line! (purple circle)


C PL and OC ambushed


While fighting through the ambush, C PL lost another (one of his two remaining) CV90s. I couldn't support them as I had no gunnery and needed to be forward to divert attention from A and B PLs.


Thonar - 1C eats a RPG-29


Half a League, Half a League ....

With what little remains of C PL still fixed by an ambush, the remaining tanks of the SCT cross the LoD (two at least have damaged / no gunnery):


SCT crosses the LoD

The only good news is that most of the visible enemy are destroyed with only a few active units. ...

But the view from the edge of the trees two minutes later is a little different.

Oh look another Battery of Artillery and some more Self Propelled Air Defence weapons ...


Target Rich!


The view

The two 2S6 Tunguskas on the left of picture immobilised my vehicle

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Phase 5: Endstate

"While horse and hero fell,

They that had fought so well

Came thro' the jaws of Death,

Back from the mouth of hell,

All that was left of them,

Left of six hundred."



The Aftermath

A PL has one mobile tank but with gun damage.

B PL has two mobile tanks, one with gun damage

C PL has one CV90

Max has his CV90

Black circles denote destroyed SCT tanks (including my own vehicle).

The CT could currently form a understrength ad hoc PL.

Lots of burning enemy vehicles though, airfield captured and BG mission sucess.

Lessons Learned

1. Commanders can only (in TS at least) really manage two nets.

So one up and one to "peers" (which is whisper and which is ordinary is personal preference) but I wont try again to have a BG net, part of the CT on one whisper and the remainder of the CT on another.

All commanders in one CT need to be on the same net.

If you want to be in a Platoon channel, you need to setup a whisper to talk to me and the other Platoon commanders (i.e part of the burden is on you). Me giving orders, etc. twice doesn't work.

Personally I prefer everybody to be on the one CT net and for people to learn to have radio discipline (that's what I'm used to in RL). :)

2. If you can't speak English (or a language that others speak) it doesn't work.

Max (nothing personal) was our only Russian speaker and he couldn't speak English, German or Spanish so we couldn't communicate with him and it became very frustrating (probably for Max too).

His CV90 (that wasn't actually his to command) became a rogue call sign that just wandered all over the place and D PL which was his did pretty much the same until the lake gods put them out of their misery.

3. Fireplan.

Artillery is a scare resource.

If nothing is happening then "first come, first served" works. If we are attacking "three up" (three CTs at once) then somebody needs to be labelled as the Main Effort and get the priority for fire support.

Of course every CT Commander will claim they should be Main Effort but that is the BG CO's decision.

A fireplan in the attack would have enabled the CTs to plan when and where they could go. Launching into the open hoping that your missions were about to arrive was not a good feeling.

4. Apart from all that - Great Fun! :o

Well done Zipuli, Duke and Kingtiger! :)

Happy New Year to one and all! (010048LJAN13 here)

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Deep in our conversation the combat door on our command M113 opened (only the line guys got the CV90s) and the familiar face of Duke, our NBG Commanding Officer, appeared, with the knowing glint that both KT and I knew too well.

It meant "challenges" ahead.

Duke extended his hand and said "Mark, I need a Officer Commanding for the Swedish Combat Team and you're it!". I had finished shaking his hand before his words fully sunk in and the moment to protest or ask him to reconsider had passed.

Duke's parting words were "Come over to BG HQ and get an update on your CT from the Operations Officer. BG Orders in 3 hours."


Hi Gibson, i had to accept my fate too. I was promoted to Company Commander Valrus (Finnish Coy) in the twinkling of an eye :-)

Thank you for your AAR story!

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Hi Gibson, i had to accept my fate too. I was promoted to Company Commander Valrus (Finnish Coy) in the twinkling of an eye :-)

Thank you for your AAR story!

And did a great job considering. Not fair to ask you for a FinCoy aar in English, but perhaps Killjoy could provide an A PL aar as he saw most of the action.

Thanks to Gibson for a most comprehensive SCT aar. Always nice to know how others got on. Any chance of a NorCoy one?

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Hi Gibson, i had to accept my fate too. I was promoted to Company Commander Valrus (Finnish Coy) in the twinkling of an eye :-)

Thank you for your AAR story!

Yes but mine was a piece of licence for the story. I had volunteered a little earlier in the process (not "on the day" as you were :)).

I didn't know the full extent to the language challenge beforehand though. :)

Thanks to Gibson for a most comprehensive SCT aar. Always nice to know how others got on. Any chance of a NorCoy one?

Happy New Year!

Your welcome

Well I suspect the TwitchTV thing is basically the Norwegian AAR.

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