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Well that Euro Truck sim have interesting graphics. Not my style of sim but...looks quite good


I do not understand how comes that Train Simulator 2013 is not on the list.

I love this sim and has impressive graphics and realism features.

When I am not in a Tank, I am driving a virtual train in Germany or Switzerland.


Steel Beast may not be nominated but we all know it is the best Sim :biggrin:

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That Euro Truck sim looks interesting.

I've actually driven a serious truck simulator, with the shifter, steering wheel, all the switches/gauges, etc. It is used mainly to simulate adverse conditions like ice, jack-knife events, blown steer tires, and so on.

It was boring as hell and gave me motion sickness, which I never get in a real vehicle.

I don't know about those funny-looking European single drive axle cabovers with automatic transmissions. They just can't make those things look cool no matter how hard they try . . .

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As a manager of a 24-hour filling station I wonder if it can simulate the rudeness, drunkenness bad smell, poor oral hygene and occasional shoplifting of your average European truck driver

Well you could always mount a sign:

You must be this clean to enter this store....

Hazmat suits are provided for those failing to reach the required standard.

(This law is punishable by severe verbal abuse, or the shop's boy following you around with an industrial sized can of frebreeze, Manager's discretion)

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...the shop's boy following you around with an industrial sized can of frebreeze

Believe it or not, when I worked at a local record store years ago, I had an employee do just that. (Except it was a stick of incense. The store was what is known in the States as a 'head shop'.) That dude stunk so bad I didn't care if we offended him. Sheesh...some people!

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Huh? Are there still NEW/Major games for the PC? Just read that even Blizzard => Diablo 3 goes to Consoles as well early next year... Apart from simulations this company has been the last major developer for PC pretty much, and both SC2 and D3 have been huge dissapointments - at least for me.

I would not be suprised GOTY awards getting smaller for the PC going forward.

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