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Diablo III


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is it free to play now?

I haven't been following it I do not think it will ever be a free to play though.

I may have my free trial pass cards somewhere if you're interested but that is pretty much useless unless you'll buy the game some time later.

If you're interested in high quality free to play games try Stars Wars The Old Republic or Star Trek Online




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or World of Tanks. They did a great Job with the update to 8.2 .

ya i definetly have the wot tank bug its lots of fun,

thanks for the suggestions guys

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I just got back to Diablo 3 and trying to level up my female Demon Hunter. I usually do not play a female character in any online game but the Demon Huntress is just too cool to pass.

Anyway WoT is not a bad game but as far as content is concerned WoT is just a public match while Star Trek Online and The Old Republic have story content.

I just prefer myself to be immersed in something with a story line.

I have a WoT account and some high level tanks and joined a clan which now is broken and had some big fun in it but nowadays I play it for a quick tank fix. It's fast, arcade, simple and easy. :)

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Diablo 3 is the game that killed PC gaming for me ultimately. This is not due the quality of the game, but due to the anti-piracy measures and the extent it prevents/frustrates players who purchased the game.

I am being banned on a bi-weekly/weekly basis due to "misuse" of my account.... or so the notification says that I receive from Blizzard. This means getting back to Support group opening up a ticket, getting a password etc. tiresome. It frustrates me that I cannot play the game offline in singleplayer mode... WHY? I just hope Steel Beasts will never go down this route with copy protection...

The game on the other hand is OK, not great but decent, but definiately it does not live up to its predecessessors... but it seems players now days prefer easy gameplay/simplistic controls/basic stories over complex experiences... too bad.

I mean even for consoles - if you ever felt that Doom was simplistic, just check out the most popular titles in terms of complexity (COD, Battlefield etc.) - recent titles make Doom feel like a spophisticated game - well at least you had to search for those damn keys, unlike nowadays....

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@Daskal yeah Diablo 3 doesn't live up to its predecessor and I do play it when I have a long day and feeling kinda tired to play some other games which may require more of my attention and thinking. It's a brainless hack and slash :biggrin:

but to be fair I haven't had any trouble with the game and the support though I did at one time was asked for personal identification to prove myself but it wasn't related to the game but to the account. I needed to change some things in my account.

They are making an expansion for it. Not sure about the release date.

The one thing most appealing about Diablo 3 is the ability to co-op your game in a story content. That's all.

All in all it feels less dark and more like a kid's game than its predecessor. It feels shallower too. Not just the depth of the story but my God many of the characters feel so childish. Like they were a spoiled 8 year old brat including or especially the angels, BOTH of them(in the video) actually although it's more difficult to spot the shallowness of Tyrael but it is there too obvious and too much for me. It seems the trend nowadays is the dwarfing and 'immaturizing' of man's character both in real life and in games or entertainment in general.

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