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A question to our Finnish brethren: There is no other country that has so many SB Pro PE users in relation to its population. Why is it so popular?

Not that I would want to complain, it's fantastic. I just wonder what we could do to replicate our success.

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Nobody else has not yet commented, so here it goes.

I would say that the taste of Finnish gaming community may be a bit different than in other countries. Most of the games sold here are in English, so language has never been a problem and selection of games in stores has been always very wide. Also niche game genres, such as simulators (IL-2 Sturmovik, Falcon 4.0, Lock-on) and turn-based tactical and strategy games (like Jagged Alliance, Silent Storm, Panzer General, Steel Panthers, Combat Mission), have been here popular compared to many other countries.

In Finland we have had for a long time (since the beginning of 90's) only one quality gaming magazine called Pelit (www.pelit.fi) which has maintained it's status over the years as the only choice for a serious PC gamer. They have had tradition to treat also games with not-so-easy learning curve as interesting to play, even when the main interest group would be very small, and this probably also attracts gamers with less interest in the genre to try out. It has been doing much the same kind of work as genre specific websites nowadays (simhq.com, wargamer.com) do, so making also the not-so-popular titles visible for people who do not necessary have hardcore interest to the subject.

Of course quite many of us have some background from our Finnish Defence Forces, so it does not make bad publicity if SBProPE is almost the same as the one used for actual class-room training nowadays.

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In other words, Finlands average IQ is higher than the rest of the world

(I base this on Steelbeasts copies per capita) :-)

This means we have to destroy all gaming magazines except Pelit and make them Rulers of the Universe. Man i would really like to see a gaming magazine like that in Sweden, that doesn't only review EA's latest titles, or give good reviews only to Publishers that buy the most advertising spots in their magazines.

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