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Friday night game info for the new players

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First of all, please read through the getting started tutorial on the wiki.  It will get you started with teamspeak and understanding how to connect in multiplayer.  http://www.steelbeasts.com/sbwiki/index.php?title=Starter_Pack


Just a friendly reminder that the big community multi player game of the weeks happens every Friday night. It begins at 9:00 PM CST USA time. See chart below for your local time. We meet in Teamspeak  around 20 minutes before the game starts.


Enter the teamspeak server IP and the port 9987.


Please enter teamspeak ahead of time if you have questions, or need to check whether teamspeak works, or whether you have connection issues with steel beasts itself. There are many people who can be of assistance, however 5 minutes before game time doesn't allow much time to get things corrected.

I have seen many people on Teamspeak come and go every night, or post on the forums about wanting to get into the multiplayer portion of the sim, but don't join on friday nights. This is your invitation to come in and do some virtual tanking. Players of all skills and experince levels are welcome. If I can do it, I'm pretty sure you can too !


Local times of friday night game:

Addis Ababa Sat 5:00 AM Guatemala Fri 8:00 PM Nassau * Fri 10:00 PM

Adelaide Sat 11:30 AM Halifax * Fri 11:00 PM New Delhi Sat 7:30 AM

Aden Sat 5:00 AM Hanoi Sat 9:00 AM New Orleans * Fri 9:00 PM

Algiers Sat 3:00 AM Harare Sat 4:00 AM New York * Fri 10:00 PM

Almaty Sat 8:00 AM Havana * Fri 10:00 PM Oslo * Sat 4:00 AM

Amman * Sat 5:00 AM Helsinki * Sat 5:00 AM Ottawa * Fri 10:00 PM

Amsterdam * Sat 4:00 AM Hong Kong Sat 10:00 AM Paris * Sat 4:00 AM

Anadyr * Sat 3:00 PM Honolulu Fri 4:00 PM Perth Sat 10:00 AM

Anchorage * Fri 6:00 PM Houston * Fri 9:00 PM Philadelphia * Fri 10:00 PM

Ankara * Sat 5:00 AM Indianapolis * Fri 10:00 PM Phoenix Fri 7:00 PM

Antananarivo Sat 5:00 AM Islamabad Sat 7:00 AM Prague * Sat 4:00 AM

Asuncion Fri 10:00 PM Istanbul * Sat 5:00 AM Reykjavik Sat 2:00 AM

Athens * Sat 5:00 AM Jakarta Sat 9:00 AM Rio de Janeiro Fri 11:00 PM

Atlanta * Fri 10:00 PM Jerusalem * Sat 5:00 AM Riyadh Sat 5:00 AM

Auckland Sat 2:00 PM Johannesburg Sat 4:00 AM Rome * Sat 4:00 AM

Baghdad Sat 5:00 AM Kabul Sat 6:30 AM San Fran * Fri 7:00 PM

Bangkok Sat 9:00 AM Kamchatka * Sat 3:00 PM San Juan Fri 10:00 PM

Barcelona * Sat 4:00 AM Karachi Sat 7:00 AM San Salvador Fri 8:00 PM

Beijing Sat 10:00 AM Kathmandu Sat 7:45 AM Santiago Fri 10:00 PM

Beirut * Sat 5:00 AM Khartoum Sat 5:00 AM Santo Domingo Fri 10:00 PM

Belgrade * Sat 4:00 AM Kingston Fri 9:00 PM Sao Paulo Fri 11:00 PM

Berlin * Sat 4:00 AM Kiritimati Sat 4:00 PM Seattle * Fri 7:00 PM

Bogota Fri 9:00 PM Kolkata Sat 7:30 AM Seoul Sat 11:00 AM

Boston * Fri 10:00 PM Kuala Lumpur Sat 10:00 AM Shanghai Sat 10:00 AM

Brasilia Fri 11:00 PM Kuwait City Sat 5:00 AM Singapore Sat 10:00 AM

Brisbane Sat 12:00 Noon Kyiv * Sat 5:00 AM Sofia * Sat 5:00 AM

Brussels * Sat 4:00 AM La Paz Fri 10:00 PM St. John's * Fri 11:30 PM

Bucharest * Sat 5:00 AM Lagos Sat 3:00 AM St. Paul * Fri 9:00 PM

Budapest * Sat 4:00 AM Lahore Sat 7:00 AM Stockholm * Sat 4:00 AM

Buenos Aires Fri 11:00 PM Lima Fri 9:00 PM Suva Sat 2:00 PM

Cairo Sat 4:00 AM Lisbon * Sat 3:00 AM Sydney Sat 12:00 Noon

Canberra Sat 12:00 Noon London * Sat 3:00 AM Taipei Sat 10:00 AM

Cape Town Sat 4:00 AM Los Angeles * Fri 7:00 PM Tallinn * Sat 5:00 AM

Caracas Fri 9:30 PM Madrid * Sat 4:00 AM Tashkent Sat 7:00 AM

Casablanca Sat 2:00 AM Managua Fri 8:00 PM Tegucigalpa Fri 8:00 PM

Chatham Island Sat 2:45 PM Manila Sat 10:00 AM Tehran * Sat 6:30 AM

Chicago * Fri 9:00 PM Melbourne Sat 12:00 Noon Tokyo Sat 11:00 AM

Copenhagen * Sat 4:00 AM Mexico City * Fri 9:00 PM Toronto * Fri 10:00 PM

Darwin Sat 11:30 AM Miami * Fri 10:00 PM Vancouver * Fri 7:00 PM

Denver * Fri 8:00 PM Minneapolis * Fri 9:00 PM Vienna * Sat 4:00 AM

Detroit * Fri 10:00 PM Minsk * Sat 5:00 AM Vladivostok * Sat 1:00 PM

Dhaka Sat 8:00 AM Montevideo Fri 11:00 PM Warsaw * Sat 4:00 AM

Dubai Sat 6:00 AM Montgomery * Fri 9:00 PM Wash DC * Fri 10:00 PM

Dublin * Sat 3:00 AM Montreal * Fri 10:00 PM Winnipeg * Fri 9:00 PM

Edmonton * Fri 8:00 PM Moscow * Sat 6:00 AM Yangon Sat 8:30 AM

Frankfurt * Sat 4:00 AM Mumbai Sat 7:30 AM Zagreb * Sat 4:00 AM

Geneva * Sat 4:00 AM Nairobi Sat 5:00 AM Zürich * Sat 4:00 AM


Hope to see you there,


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Quite helpful, Mogwa. I've figured out how to work with TeamSpeak regardless and did connect briefly twice last night, for testing. But the complete beginners (I'm a semi-beginner) should find this useful. They will, however have to hurry, depending on what time zone they're in, to make tonight's game.

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Mmm Handy map thingy

Took a little time to sift through your timezones.

0300 GMT Was just getting in from a night out :)

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im not sure i have this "dongle" device, but I'd really like to play nonetheless

i only have the first steel beasts, but i cant seem to get online with that anymore :'(

and it seems i have to do some shopping for Pro PE :/

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The dongle is included with SB Pro PE. There are a few people in the community that are known to be playing the original SB, but they are very few indeed. If you enjoyed the original, I think you would very much enjoy SB Pro PE, and would feel it was worth the initial investment.


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