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Bleeding Edge: A Collaborative Fan Fiction

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I am starting this thread as a new topic here. I have seen other fan fiction threads from other forums, and I was impressed by the creativity I've seen there. I'll put my own fan fiction story here and start the countdown to war. The story of the war itself is up to you all.

Bleeding Edge-


7 Days To War

In Europe, storm clouds were gathering. Tension had heightened between the small central European nations of Genovea and Skavderland over Continental trade routes, through which Europe's only hope flowed. The routes bordered both nations, and both wanted control of the pipelines of economic prosperity in these desperate times. Because the euro had suddenly taken a drastic drop in value, Europe was descending into its first great depression solely limited to the Continent. The EU was powerless with the disintegration of its currency and distracted by its efforts to halt narcotics and euthanasia in Holland.

Now, it seemed certain on the other side of the water that war was coming. We citizens of the good ol' U.S. of A. saw it coming. After all, the last time war started in Europe, it spread to the rest of the world, and we got sucked into it. Which was a good thing, because we saved the world. So we knew that we should watch out, and react full heartedly when we were needed. But we hoped we would not be needed.

Corespondents in the 2 nations watched the situation unfold:

Report of Milly Goldin

Genovean capital Olevan

June 5th

"Genovean confidence is high over the claimed Will of Boris the Third of Bavaria, leaving the routes to Genovea upon his death in 1404 in gratitude for a breakthrough in negotiations which prevented a Continental war. The Prime Minister Remy Barrelli said that soon Genovea will have what is rightfully hers"

The next day...

Report of Asok Dilinjan

Skavderland capital Korscold

June 4th

"According to an alleged team of EU scientists working in Skavderland, the will of Boris the Third is a modern forgery, created by Genoevan fanatics attempting to justify the 'hostile takeover' planned for Friday, June 13th. Skavderland President Svenner Borgstaad said that this is unacceptable and something will be done."

2 Days To War

A man named Bender Olfman called openly for peace and ran between contacts in both countries as the temperature rose, trying in an idealistic, and not unlike Birger Dahlerus way, to make peace. He said he was sure he could make people on both sides "come to an agreement", and that "this dreadful war" should not happen.

The other nations seemed to be trying to forget reality as well. In London, the tourism offices were covered by posters advertising, "See the Pyramids", "Australia: Come and say G'day", and "Germany: Land of Beer, Brautwurst, and Cinderella-like Castles".

But a generation of Europeans, who had lived under the specter of war but had never experienced it, either were drinking the Kool-Aid or were waiting in silent apprehension.

The Night Before The War

June 11th

11:42 PM

A Genovean scout group of 2 platoons of M2s and 1 platoon of M1 Abrams tanks moved toward the trade routes, thinking they could get the routes and secure their country in a time of instability. But they encountered a platoon of Leopard 2A5s in battle positions waiting for intruders. Three Genovean M2s were knocked out immediately. The Genovean units that survived called in help, as did the Skavderland Leo 2A5s, who were heavily outnumbered but had reinforcements nearby.

That ends the beginning. You fill in the rest.

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For once, I have to say not funny, Tacbat.:decu: When I last checked, the 2 nations involved were not part of the nuclear club. I hope this doesn't turn into a thread for jokes, or another excuse to attack me personally. Because that's what happened the first time I made a thread, and this is what happened to me::cry: If this thread warrants another apology, I guarantee that the apology will be the last post in the last thread I ever make in this forum.

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I'll try to look at it in a less malicious light, but it's hard for a person who is used to a normal "giving a hard time" suddenly have sabot_ready on his case with vulgar jokes. Most of my previous post was just to make sure it didn't happen again. Now can we get back to making a collaborative fan fiction work?:biggrin:

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Originally Posted by ChuikovChambered

sabot_readysabot_readysabot_readysabot_readysabot_ready :

That's actually quite funny!:clap: As for Lewis' First Law, it doesn't apply to me, because I read CAT FANCY instead!:debile2: Now that I'm taking jokes better, back to business: The Genoveans have M1s, M2s, and ASLAVs, but don't employ them as well as they could. The Skavderlanders use Leos, CV90s, and Marders. While the Skavderlander forces are outnumbered, they use their forces better than the Genoveans and also have some surplus Mil-24 Hinds. That should get the wheels moving.

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Genovean Capital

0300hrs Local

Back Alley 2 blocks from Parliment

Group of 6 masked men stood in the dark shades of the Alleyway , each carrying a back pack full of contents unknown to anyone outside their group.

They waited for few mins and made sure no one was near. Then one of them broke open the lock on the old metal door with his crowbar and jently pushed the door of abonded 10 story building ,reaviling dark and spooky intiriors.

The first in the team scanned the intorriors with his flash light . "Clear" the soft female voice announced for the rest of the team to hear.

Soon the rest of the team turned on their flash lights and proceeded in,Last one closed the door behind the team and wedged old furniture against it.

They proceeded to the roof tru the trecherocous 100 year old stairs carrying their heavy bags with them.

Once on the roof the team leader took out a night vision gogs out and scanned the nearby area and buildings.

"Hmm ! allright Sisters lets start.!" She ordered.

Soon the whole team got into action mode ,unpacking their equipment .....

Genovean Capital

0700 hrs Local

President's Residence

Man in his 60's had a very rough night. hosting dinner for whole UN deligation aint exactly easy. but he was calm and relaxed now. Trying to remember his young days when he use to sleep along side his dear wife. Then he heard something ..Knock Knock .... He looked up it was his butler . "Good Morning Sir" The butler said.

Pres wanted to grab his AK-47su and shoot the man but insted he replied "morning Sergeiv".

"Sir your have meeting with UN Envoy at 8:00 am " Sergeiv reminded the Pres

"Ahhee i am going to be late. Tell the driver to warm up the limo" Pres ordered the butler

Just then a maid walked in with fresh towels ,She was good looking lady in her 30's with blonde hair . she wore a grey maids uniform and wore a name tag that read "Rose Blanc"

Pres soon jumped in the shower and did not mind the maid in his bed room all alone.

Genovean Capital

0753 hrs Local

Rooftop Abandonded Building

81mm Mortar had been assembled and was ready to fire. the leader observed the road in front of the Parliment where the Pres was soppose to introduse the UN envoy the the ministers.

Beep beep...the sound of mobile device intrupted the leader, She removed the small sleek cell phone from her side pocket and held it against her ear "Sister !" She said

From the other side a female voice said " This is White Rose... "Y" is enroute." and the call was disconnected.

The team leader turned to her team "Its time " she said.

Genovean Capital

0801 hrs Local

Main gate the Parliment of Genovia

The armed jeeps spead past the gate and were followed by convoy of vechs . in the middle was the stretch limo of the Pres .

as the vech entred the main gate the front of the Limo exploded with loud noise and fire. sending sharpnel all across.

it was followed by 3 more explosions around the limo but not directly on it.

The coustom designed bomb and bullet proof limo was severly damadged ..the driver was dead .

A lone Police officer managed enough nerve to go close the the smoldering limo . he opened the back seat door expectin worse but to his surprise the pres was alive.

"Get me outta here." Pres screamed

Police officer grabbed the Pres and dragged him out.

Soon others joined in to help.

Genovean Capital

0815 hrs Local

Rooftop Abandonded Building

Confirming the Trg was alive the leader Ordered her team "Good job sisters ,mission "Firestarter" is acomplished. Lets go"

The team left all the equipment behind and dissappred into the local polulation.

Skavderland Border

2100hrs Local

22nd Korscold Inf Bn. A Coy .

Coy Cmdr had been ordered by Bn cmdr to be on alert.

there have been strange radio traffice in the area, but the Coy cmdr Capt. Danikov Somanavich was not bothered ,its been strange in these parts for verylong.

Capt had his shoes off and was relaxing listening to music on his ipod.

Soon his fun was intrupted by a young Lt. Linakov .

Capt dint like the Lt , he reminded him how he use to be when he was a young lt. Motivated , full of energy ~Its all for nothing~ he thought lookin at the young lt.

"What is it Linakov?What you want ?" Capt Somanavich said

"Our recon teams have spotted 6 enemy tanks heading this way. sir" The Lt said

"Tell Recon ledr to slap himself and dunk his head in water .enemy isnt going to just send 6 tanks ..now dont bug me"

Lt was dissapointed by the behivior of the Capt and he left the tent.

He assembled a team and decided to arm the team with one carlgustav launcher , and one american Javline msl launcher.

They borded a jeep and proceeded to the last pos of the spooted tanks .

......2 hrs later

On hearing loud roar of the tank engins the stoped thier jeep and procceed on foot the the ridge 30 meters north of their pos.

looking over the ridge the spotted what was clearly Enemy tanks .

"Javline team engage the lead tnk" the Lt ordered.

as the team was gettin ready one of the tnks traversed its turret and fired

BOOM the HEAT round hit the gound 5 meters infront of the group.

injuring Javline gnr. soon the gnr was replaced by another man and the cmdr said " U got a lock ?" gnr responded "Got a lock" Cmdr "Fir the Javline" Gnr"Firing"

as the gnr pressed the btn the Jav rose up in the air to a specific alt and the came straight done on the first tank. BOOM

the first tnk was burning smolder.

soon carlgustav team joined in and even tou not as effective .they took out tracks of 2nd tank .

3rd tnk was also destroyed by the Javline team as it was traversing its turrt.

4th tnk was hit in the engine by the gustav and it went silent

last tow tnks managed to pop smoke and make a quick retreate.

Lt radioed in his first trophies .

soon a team of press decended on the area and they were shown poersonel artifacts and ID cards of the dead crew.

HQ XX NAtion

Somewhere in forest of Tn. USA

1200hrs Local

The lady in a US Army Generals uniform stood the the head of the table and a glass raised and announced the recent events.

others in the room included women from diffrent parts of the world.

all in high ranking Officers uniforms

Soon the whole room joined and toast .

the Lady said "My sisters ,our time has come. man kind will give way for true rulers of this planet."

others applauded her statment.

_______________________________lol __________________________________

more comming soon haha


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Really nice beginning, Ash! Now I'd like to introduce some characters of a science fiction series I've been dabbling in, just for fun:



Somewhere in the forests of Tennessee, USA

1202 hours local

The military women were still laughing when a voice, harsh and cold, stopped their celebration. "This world is messed up as it is. Since I know you're not going to stop for the world's sake, let alone mine, I'll have to get rid of you." The women turned toward the entrance of the room, and saw a tall, pale, Jewish looking man standing in the doorway with a machine gun. He walked in and was hit by a hail of bullets from the guards. But his body armor somehow stopped all the rounds fired into him. He merely laughed and hosed the guards down with his machine gun. Somehow, every last bullet penetrated their body armor and killed them instantly.

The man was followed by a tough, Italian looking man, also armed with a machine gun. "Heh-heh, this is really so amusing. So many have acted like you, and we've killed them all. Right, Vic?"

The Jewish looking man snickered. "That's right, L. That's what we've always done for this world's sake, and many others. I'm Victor, and this is my partner, L."

"We have existed, yet we have never existed," said L.

"We are the shadow you saw within the shadows" purred Victor.

"We are the ones who have saved worlds, without anyone ever knowing us or our true purpose."

"Some say we do all the wrong things for all the right reasons. I like to think of it as doing what they could never be brave enough to do, to do what needs to be done. For we are part of Codename Red November. And you won't stop us," snarled Victor.

"Now, back on subject." He leveled his machine gun at some military women who were starting to make a run for the exit. "Time for you to die."

Victor and L sprayed death throughout the room. When it was over, the two exited the same way they had came, gunning down the few guards they had not slaughtered on their way. L pulled out a PDDA (for L, it was a Power Domination Digital Application), and spoke into it, "We're ready, In Sapphire Clad. Begin transport out." A few seconds later, the two deadly men disappeared in a flash of violet light.

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