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LNoT 06th Apr 2013

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No pencil, chisel into the stone! :)

Its a doddle for our part of the world.

Start early morning (later for you) and go through to mid / late afternoon as our European friends become more and more sleep deprived. :)

Relevant "local" times (based on initial details supplied in the video):


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OK, so this will be the weekday after Easter (at least when that seemingly random event is celebrated here). :)

Happy to man:

- A M1 Platoon under Falli


- Help with the Log train (if KT is happy)


- Help with the fires (subject to Hedge)


- Man the "LAV"s (I take it these are LAV-25 as described, not the playable ASLAV-25)?

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Servus, Duke!

I'd like to try for the following positions, if not already taken:

Mission 1 - Bn HQ, Recon "D"

Mission 2 - "C" Coy, "C" Pl

Mission 3 - "A" Coy, "C" Pl

Mission 4 - "B" Coy, D" Pl

Other players are most welcome to join me in any of these platoon organizations.

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Great video, but the best is the experience of the LNT.

The 3er Tizona will be there

As Emi said, the 3rd Regimiento Tizona will be there with an average of 6 to 8 guys maybe some few more, still too early to say the exact number. :)

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