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Aben Hede 2013

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O U T S T A N D I N G !

Thx for the Action.

All in all it was a very exciting Weekend and be sure we will meet us next Year again.

Good to hear! Next year will be even bigger. I'll see you there then :)

Here's a picture of our leopard in action. And there might be some video coming later ;)



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Hi W@nker, nice to meet you and your crew.

Next time we have to make our barbeque, we toke a lot of meet and BEER back to germany, that was not the plan.

This event was excellent and very interesting to see, how relaxed you guys are with the civilians and with tank nuts like we are.

Thx again and if you know the date for next year, tell us.

We will come back

best regards



Next time we can also take a Leo or we can reinforce the infantry:biggrin:

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That was the first we thought: It sound´s not normal and then the Smoke from the Engine.....

Sad that happens at this Event, but then came the Leo 1 and make bleeding my Heart.

That was fantastic and good shooting results as far I can see.

We also talk to a lot of nice Danes, find new Friends that was worth the long driving to Danmark.

It take hours to get the big grin out of my Face ;-)

P.S.: Reinforce the Infantry ?????? Not me !




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So the 1A5 DK got to fire its main gun at a civilian open day, that's very impressive. I've got a soft spot for the Danish army, and girls (I went out with one once ;)). Beer, BBQ and tanks, that's my idea of a boy's day out! If only I lived a little bit closer...

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