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Isn't that top right hand corner?

I found them...in the lower center near the Stargate ships.

A chart with each empire's ships listed by size in a single column side by side with other empire/federation, etc. ships would make it easier to find them with.


Star Wars Battlestar Galactica Stargate
========= ==================== ========
ship ship ship
ship ship etc.
ship ship
etc. etc.

Visually it is an impressive chart, but a bit of an eye-dazzler. It even includes ships from various games, such as "Homeworld", "Eve" and "Wing Commander", etc.

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I looked at that picture closer, and realized that it is most likely a British Apache! :-?

How incredibly careless, and foolish of them to fly so close to fire like that. Its either that, or maybe, ...

They are running away from the fight, Cowards!


May I direct you to the incident where 2 Apaches (British) flew 4 marines into a Taliban compound to rescue a wounded comrade?

The apache crews also dismounted to help the search.

(Read the book "Apache" by "Ed Macy" at least I think that's what its called)

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