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Brave Rifles - Where the Eagles Dare


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15th June 1988, 0450 hrs

Porta Westfalica, West Germany

3ACR "Brave Rifles" engaged the enemy near Minden, and found out the city center is already held by the Soviet airborne forces. The enemy main attack is moving in from the east, and if they link up with the airborne company in Minden, they can cross Weser on the move and continue into NATO defence depth unopposed in this sector!

After 1st Squadron "Tiger" arrived in the area and cleared the town of Klus (

), they continued east and are now preparing to attack towards Stadthagen. They are currently in contact with the enemy vanguard and have suffered quite heavy casualties already...

With 1st Squadron out of the way, 2nd Squadron "Sabre" has the task of pushing north, crossing the Mittel-Land-Kanal. An enemy battalion size forward detachment is reported moving in from the north, clearly trying to bypass 3ACR and link up with the troops in Minden...

Captain, your "Eagle" Troop from the 2nd Squadron is attacking on point. Your mission is to cross the canal and secure a beachhead at the town of Cammer. Time is not on your side... You will also need to bypass the enemy in Minden as we don't have the forces or time available to clear the town! Tiger also reported enemy ATGM unit at Berenbusch - and it may still be there, even if Tiger managed to take out a few ATGM vehicles.

Get ready to prove that the battle for 73 Easting was not a coincidence! The mission will be available to download sometime soon. It was created to be a Multiplayer COOP mission, but is also playable in single player mode!



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So you are actually that famous person who 'knows where the bodies are'. ;)

Well when we did this we started with 3 squadrons of Cavalry

Or was it troops?


Started with 3 "Lots" of Cavalry and by the end of a few "Game Days" of fighting we were down to 1 under strength amalgamated "lot".

And we were being relived in place by the 3rd Inf Div.

(Ohh. The Shame :))

All in all I had Jeffin' Blast.

(I wanna go again!! :biggrin: )

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