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Brave Rifles - Where the Eagles Dare


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Ah yes sorry I forgot about your name change.

OK, so revised that reads:

We went down this road in Jul 2011.

You arrived in Feb 2012

So at seven months, still a bit longer for most than "just".

Sigh. If you insist. It really doesn't matter that much does it? Well, perhaps to you it does. :(

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No, not really.

I was trying to keep it light hearted, whilst still answering points you raised / questions asked, but I think it will go downhill if we keep it going.

All I said was:' Just missed the last one. Looking forward to it lots' No questions or points raised. But I agree - let's leave it here.

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He has a plan...

I have a grin on my face. Maybe we will see why... and whether it was because his plan was so clever, or if my plan (as the red CO) was. I do trust cobra to pull it off, but hopefully it won't be a walk in the park! :D

PS. I tried to make this as realistic as possible from the red side. It also follows the Brave Rifles story closely. The enemies will not pull out any ridicilous stunts and they will not have world-eating-super-tanks spawning out of nowhere to bite you in the a**. Each red unit I placed, has some sort of tactical mission, and will stick to that. So for example (this should not spoil anything;)) the airborne troops in Minden will not try to attack you en force - they are trying to hold the bridges. Etc. Also the red side has "some assets", but only in very limited numbers. And they will not do anything that would spoil their future activities. The only "gamey" thing I used was that if you go outside the AO, you will get penalized. This is because the world outside the "box" is not scripted (for example 1st Squadron fighting the red battalion is not scripted in - something that one would have to face if traveling across the border to Tiger's AO).


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Guest Killjoy
"There are no enemy north of line Indian."


It was the footage from Brave Rifle that Zip recorded and stuck on Youtube that made me buy Steel Beasts in the first place. :)

As regards the first video, Cobra, good weapons drill. :)

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Guest Killjoy

This is what happened to our merry men... :D

Let's hope cobrabase does better!

We were so close then.

I just didn't expect 2 BMPs to turn into an entire Guards division so quickly! :eek2:

Hot Gossip just makes that video. (:

Edited by Killjoy
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Guest Killjoy
No they just need practice.

Now that you have a baseline to work from. .... :)

And you certainly get points for putting your hand up. :)

Yeah, you did good Hedge.

Think it was when we got to the other side and there was little or no cover against the Russians.

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My man, cobrabase, did his thing:

Part I


Part II


Part III


He did it the sneaky way. While our team confronted the whole battalion on the move, cobra went around from the right and flanked the battalion, that was already preparing to cross the canal to take Minden. Needles to say, with Eagle assaulting from the flank and rest of the 2nd Squadron rushing in from the south, the enemy melted away! To me it looked like his casualties were not very high either, but an AAR should follow soon. Nice job, cobra! Intense stuff, especially the 3rd part got me sitting on the edge of my chair!

I will update the sce with a few more variables and such (there are also a few things still "wrong" in the sce) and I think a rerun online would kick ass! I will announce the date and time later, stay tuned! Hedge would probably want to get some revenge, let's nominate him the CO, Gibson to XO again? I could bomb stuff with a FIST and maybe Katie will pull us all out of harm's way with his ARV? We will see! :D

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So what happened to the funkylicious Wasted (?) opening that usually accompanies your videos?

I feel cheated. :(


Haha, if we beat the sce next time we try, I'll put in some of my slappy bass, just for you (and maybe Induction)!

I'd say your commanding was good, we got to the other side in a good formation, and we were ready when the cr** finally contacted with the propella. On my part I got outsmarted by the ATGM people, dragging my platoon's 3 tanks to their death (1 was immobilized and fought a good fight to the death with Killjoy).

I thought we could flank the enemy from the left... I knew there was an ATGM unit (in a random location every playtime BTW) but I thought we already got them as I saw the dead BRDM-ATs in Berenbusch. Needless to say, I felt a bit stupid when I remembered that they were the ones Killed in 2011 by Tiger, and I actually placed them there myself to create some athmosphere!! :D

But yeah, we were low on ammo at that point as well... I mean ready ammo, and in M1 you use a decade to load some more to the ready rack.

You did well, and hopefully will CO again in run 2 sometime soon!

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