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Brave Rifles - Where the Eagles Dare


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I have never been so glad to be wrong. LoL

Boney M must have done a cover version.

Here.s a tune for your next video.LoL

That second one is great music Marko. And the video content is more interesting than many posted on this forum. :debile2:;)

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nice video`s.

Hey Hedge, your main mistake was, you let me overwatch your right flank.

Next time, Duke`s platoon in the point of main effort and it will work:biggrin:.

best regards


Okay its a deal, put a German on point. :biggrin:

Can I request Cobra's Attendance? :biggrin:

The more the merrier Zipster!

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Okay, the Eagles on Steroids is in the works:

- More variables in the mission, regarding red attack timing

- Red will actually try to link up with the airborne units (if not forced to do otherwise). Linking up will considerably lower blue score even if the "hole" is plugged afterwards (red unit in Minden will be a lot stronger to mop up later)

- More intelligent flank guard in the forest this time...? Thanks cobra for pointing out this weak spot in the red plan

- Red artillery support made smarter (not firing on itself now :D)

- More variables for blue Heavy coy actions, based on mission progress by eagle troop

- A bit more random survival of the secondary bridges over Mittel-Land-Kanal

- Updated scoring

So get ready for round two! This is called "Brave Rifles - Where the Eagles Dare: Cobrabase edition" ;)

Maybe next saturday would be good for the re-run of the COOP?

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Added few more things the red side will take into consideration, plus also added some variation in the red attack timing. Also changed blue AI force (Heavy Coy) behaviour to better match the ongoing situation when they arrive in the AO. Changed the scoring a bit to be smarter (?).

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