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away a long time . what update?


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Ive been away for a long time and not sure what I get if I buy an update. Lat time I was here we were at the last free Beta.

So if I but a upgrade go I get them all for $25 or do I have to buy them all individually?

Theres a working playable t 72 and a Challenger 2 now? Is that right ? What upgrades do I need to get a Challenger 2?

So at the moment it seems like a lots changed . Some advice would be helpful to see if its worth the $ to get back into this sim .

Your help much appreciated


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You only need to buy one update. It will contain everything in SB up to this point. Yes, T-72 and C2 are playable (although why someone would want to play either of those is beyond me :)).

Masochism? A long-standing, traditional English perversion. :)

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