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Military-Style PC Cases!


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You want yourself a Mil spec PC huh?

Get yourself "The Grid"

This is a Field "Laptop" though it weighs more that a desktop, has real shitty performance and runs a version of XP so locked down it'd be an uphill battle to install anything more than Windows Office.

(Even this would require unlocking of several DLL and OCXs.)

However you could get away with spilling your coffee on it, but only if there are no external devices attached.

And here the sweetener of the deal:

£50,000 Excl. VAT. Each.

Guess we now know where our taxes go :)

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That does look neat, when I upgraded over a year ago I got this Digital Storm Assasin with the vertical cooling arrangement.



Inside I have some components like the graphics card that claims to use Milspec components, couldn't be happier with it, hopefully I'll still be using it 10 years from now.

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Mil Spec...hmmm. Cost unfortunately gets,in the way of that idea....it was a good idea, though.

I am building a high end special purpose desktop, mainly to run the EnCase forensic program in a training environment. All things being equal, why not get an interesting case to house it?

I'm inclined to go,with the corsair vengeance C70 as the Af2 is plastic and the Thermaltake is too expensive.

Digital,storm assassin! Cool!

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