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Sat March 9th - Brave Rifles COOP mission


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The Plan! :sonic:

Imagine the scene:

Eagle 66 Actual, gathers his men around Eagle 66, a rough sketch map scribbled on the side skirt of the M1A1.

“Gentlemen, your combat assignments:

2/E & 3/E

Bradleys divide into 3 sections of 2 vehicles each. (21E, 22E, 23E)(31E, 32E, 33E)

Bradleys general mission: To provide scouting, & flank security for the tanks.

21E (and 22E),

Move ahead of main force with 22E along highway 485 to line “Indian” Suppress/bypass light enemy forces encountered.

If heavy enemy forces encountered hide, call for help.

Hold at line “Indian”.

When Eagle Troop (3E(-), 4E & 5E) has regrouped at line “Indian”

Overwatch (with tanks) 3's move to suppress/neutralize Soviet SF vehicles in the rail yard, standby to move to assist if required.

When 3E(-) has gone firm/reported success move to secure bridges west of “Berenbusch”.

Capture and cross bridges hold until 4E and 5E have crossed.

Move to secure woods east of “Cammer” Secure Major roadway in both directions with dismounts and/or vehicles.

Standby to perform flanking shots with TOW and/or 25mm weapons systems against Main Soviet Advance. Priority, BMP class and lighter.


As above, act in concert with 21E

31E and 32E

Move along Highway 482 with 2E provide left flank security and suppress any enemy infantry encountered within “Dankersen”. Act in concert with 2E(-) for this phase.

Hold at line “Indian” eagle troop regroup (see above).

When line “Indian” secured, move around east side of “Dankersen” suppress, preferably destroy Soviet SF vehicles with TOW and or 25mm weapon systems, if help needed, Eagle troop will support. Anticipate masking smoke screen to assist against enemy missile systems.

Dismount Scouts, send dismounts forward to wood/trees at grid 9735, 9425, orient west, hold.

Vehicles not to proceed any further west along rail tracks than wood feature.

Vehicles if possible move over bridge at grid: 9745, 9480, in concert with troop movements.

Vehicles go firm facing open area north west of main objective, provide flank security to 4E & 5E.

If not possible to cross bridge, secure edge of railyard as above, secure open area north east of “Dankersen” and north west of “Berenbusch” prepare contingency “Defecation/Oscillation”

23E & 33E

Peel off from main formation at line “Indian” and provide eyes on 1st Squadron “Tiger”'s flank. Report any enemy sightings to our East. Hold here until directed otherwise.

23E North of wood, avoid mine field reported in area.

33E South, of wood.

Dismount Infantry.

Be prepared to act as Eagle Troop Reserve.

4E & 5E

Abrams to remain as Tank Platoon units.

Abrams General Mission: Bitch slap any Soviet unit dumb enough to show himself on our way to OBJ "Drabert"


Move along Highway 482 in concert with 5E, behind 2E & 3E, maintain distance 500m to lead elements.

Secure line “Indian”.

Over watch 3E & 2E movements.

Act in concert with and over watch 5E.

When Bridge secured/captured by 2E, cross bridge, and take up attack by fire position west side of OBJ “Drabert”,

Note friendly artillery (HE) will be called to break up Soviet Formation make note regarding LRF useage. Depending on enemy forces, secure entire frontage of OBJ “Drabert”, while 5E moves forward.


As above in concert with 4E.

When OBJ ”Drabert” secured prepare to move forward to urban area/hill at grid: 9925, 9665

Assume attack by fire posture at this grid against Soviet Advance.



Manage and provide local protection to CSS and Engineer assets,

In case of 66E incapacitation, Take command of Eagle Troop.

Delegate CSS and Eng Assets to 1E. (Humvees to provide CSS protection.)

CSS locations: Lerbeck -> Klus -> Berenbusch.

As directed by Eagle Troop's movements

Assets to stay on south side of canal, unless immediately required for recovery/replen.


Detach Humvee to CSS operations

1E to stay with Eagle 66.

Eagle 66 to provide local protection

In case of Eagle 66, incapacitation 1E to fall back to CSS areas & manage CSS and Fires.

Preplanned Fire missions:

Mission 1

Nature: Smoke/HE mission on east end of Rail yard to be plotted prior to seizure of line “Indian”

Centre grid: 9750,9414

Size: 400 long, 200 wide, bearing 400

Fire Mission Type: Adjust


Plot and fire spotting round before Eagle reaches line “Indian”.

Fire For Effect as 3E moves out to suppress rail yard.

Purpose is to interfere with enemy missile shots and allow 3E to engage enemy units through the smoke using TIS and TOW systems.

Mission 2.

Nature: HE.

Centre grid: 9955, 9654.

Size: 200 long, 400 wide, bearing 800.

Fire Mission Type: Adjust.


Fire Spotting round before 4E and 5E reach OBJ “Drabert”

Call Fire For Effect when enemy units are about to enter Kill Box.

Aim is to break up Soviet Formation while under fire from friendly units.

Allow 30 sec shot time after FFE call.

Priority mission. Cancel any other outstanding mission unless otherwise directed.

Optional Mission:

Smoke screen on north side of canal, adjacent to bridges north west of “Berenbusch”to cover bridge crossing operations.

Any Questions?


To your vehicles we move in 1 hotel.”

You can actually ask questions.....


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Posted Images

I should mention this should be read in conjunction with the scenario open

Perhaps only a minor issue but any chance of telling us where line INDIAN is and OBJ DRABERT too?

They are existing graphics in the scenario.

Line "Indian" is where we can expect first contacts.

OBJ "Drabert" is our mission goal approx. one click over the canal.

I'll try and up load an image and/or plan at some point.

(It took all of yesterday evening to write this up.)

CO (M1A1) = Hedgehog

XO (M3A2) = Gibsonm

FO (FIST-V) = Zipuli (Not sure this is wise..... :smile: )

2/E (6x M3A2) = Duke (Ldr) Mouse (Sgt) (Note to CO: Pointman)

3/E (6x M3A2) = Katie (Ldr) Tactical Bat (Sgt)

4/E (4x M1A1 w/plows) = Tacom (Ldr) Abaddon (Sgt) Emi (Wing man)

5/E (4x M1A1) = Falli, Dr. Thodt, Ricopico, Eisenschwein (I'll let you guys sort out who goes where.)

7/E (CSS) =

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I think I've persuaded a Mech Inf mate of mine to turn up for this.

He may just stick with me or perhaps he can grab one of the two vehicle Bradley patrols currently remaining?


The more the merrier! :)

We have a tank, four Brads with a mission (Or "Wing Brads" as per scouting, above) or the CSS element.

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The more the merrier! :)

We have a tank, four Brads with a mission (Or "Wing Brads" as per scouting, above) or the CSS element.

I will be able to make the 9th.

I will take what ever is going so long as it has a gun.ha

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Platoon Organization

A Section

1. Tacom

2. Emi

B Section


4. Abadddon

Rehearsals: Each tank will conduct individual rehearsals prior to the operation. Points to be trained: plows, breaching, FCS (Leo driver anybody?)

Always have a retreat plot to the CSS area, identified with a circle.

as per the commander orders, here follows our pre-planned positions for each phase.

1. At phase line INDIAN we will assume overwatch positions at COYOTE. Be ready to move on order on wedge left formation.

2. Once at objective Drabert, A will take positions at ZORRO while B proceeds to TEJON. Prepare concealed positions using the buildings as cover. Overwatch your respective fields of fire while remaining covered from the east.

3. If 5E advance to the position to the north, B will move to position LOBO,hide and cover the field to their front. Pay special attention to blue on blue situations, specially in case of a hasty retreat by 5E.


Uploaded with ImageShack.us

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I have the beginnings of a cold/cough, Just to give you guys a forewarning if I can't show tomorrow night.

Gib should move up to 66E and Zip to 65E, and a volunteer for 1E....

(I suggest Marko :nukem2: )

Hopefully it won't be too bad.

CO (M1A1) = Hedgehog

XO (M3A2) = Gibsonm

FO (FIST-V) = Zipuli (Not sure this is wise..... :smile: )

2/E (6x M3A2) = Duke (Ldr) Mouse (Sgt) Marko (Cpl) (Note to CO: 2/E on Point, Duke's request))

3/E (6x M3A2) = Katie (Ldr) Tactical Bat (Sgt) Connaugh (Cpl)

4/E (4x M1A1 w/plows) = Tacom (Ldr) Emi (Ldr, Wing) Abaddon (Sgt)

5/E (4x M1A1) = Falli, Dr. Thodt, Ricopico, Eisenschwein (I'll let you guys sort out who goes where.)

7/E (CSS) =

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