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Sat March 9th - Brave Rifles COOP mission


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31E: KT

32E: Taciebattie

33E: Connaugh

Main order per Hedge order at: http://www.steelbeasts.com/sbforums/showpost.php?p=230339&postcount=26


Platoon SOP:

Use 25mm for soft/light targets, TOW for heavy or prio (FO,AAA etc) targets.

Don't think you are driving a tank

Keep reporting to me your situation (damage, enemy killed, ammo left, oportunities etc)

1E and 32E

Move along Highway 482 with 2E provide left flank security and suppress any enemy infantry encountered within “Dankersen”. Act in concert with 2E(-) for this phase. (We will stay to 2Es right side to keep next step easier)

Hold at line “Indian” eagle troop regroup (see above).

When line “Indian” secured, move around east side of “Dankersen” suppress, preferably destroy Soviet SF vehicles with TOW and or 25mm weapon systems, if help needed, Eagle troop will support. Anticipate masking smoke screen to assist against enemy missile systems.

Dismount Scouts, send dismounts forward to wood/trees at grid 9735, 9425, orient west, hold. (marked as 31+32 Indian)

Vehicles not to proceed any further west along rail tracks than wood feature.

Vehicles if possible move over bridge at grid: 9745, 9480, in concert with troop movements.

Vehicles go firm facing open area north west of main objective, provide flank security to 4E & 5E.

If not possible to cross bridge, secure edge of railyard as above, secure open area north east of “Dankersen” and north west of “Berenbusch” prepare contingency “Defecation/Oscillation” (Marked as SECURE on map)

23E & 33E

Peel off from main formation at line “Indian” and provide eyes on 1st Squadron “Tiger”'s flank. Report any enemy sightings to our East. Hold here until directed otherwise.

23E North of wood, avoid mine field reported in area.

33E South, of wood. (POS marked on map)

Dismount Infantry.

Be prepared to act as Eagle Troop Reserve.

Connaugh: You will not be left out of the fight. Move to marked area, put the Scouts on the hills to keep an eye out, pull the BFV into cover on hold and join me and Tacbat in 31 or 32 C/S. Keep constant eye on your AI units in 33E if they discover anything or get orders to move 33E in a support role, hand back the BFV you are using and take back command of 33E

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My PE server licence died on me (no longer valid), I requested refuel from Nils but I am quite sure it won't make it for todays game. Any chance to have the 911 server host this one?

EDIT: dta_delta was so kind he let's me use his licence for hosting tonight! So no problems!

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So, yeah.

Good mission thanks to Mr Zipuli for making it :biggrin:

And thanks for those who played it.

And suffered under my unique, "make shit up as we go along", command style. :)

Mission went roughly to the intent of my plan, didn't need to throw away and start again, which was good.

Adaptions were needed but thats to be expected.

Hind sight:

Timing on the artillery and handling of the rail yard suppression could've been better, lost more unit than i would have liked, but then the enemy had a say with AT4s, those Faggots. :decu: :)

Once we got across the river if I had bigger cojones i would have stuck it out on the north and said "You want this bridge? Then come and F**king get it Ivan."

But they played their tricksey EW card, F**kers, so I didn't much idea where anything was, I had 4 & 5E in sight, wasn't sure what 3E was upto 'cept they were "over there somewhere."

And the M1s slooooooooooowww reload time came into it.

So, learning points:

Give intricate Briefs regarding tightly timed operations.

Grow Bigger Balls.

Manage M1 reloads.

Better Radio discipline (Getting there I hope)


AAR: 36MB Ouch

Standby for Dropbox link

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That was great fun, even if we lost... A moral victory none the less!

Afterwards me, Katie and Abaddon played 3 more platoon missions, dying horrible deaths most of the time. But it was nice!

Again, thanks for everybody and I'm off to Sweden. After two weeks, I will announce when we will play NBG part IV!

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