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Hello troopers!

The Nordic Battlegroup has been resting and refitting for a few days after the hard fighting at Utti Airfield, but a new mission is in. One that if succesfull, could bring end to this unfortunate conflict!

Would saturday May 4th suit most players? Especially I am directing this question to Duke, our CO. If it looks like it'll be doable, I will "lock" the date and time.

Oh, and this will be your last chance to play a brand new Zip mission online before version 3.0! So it's a historic last mission of the 2.654! Huzzah!

Everybody is welcome like before! Duke will prepare to add crew listing once he gets the FRAGO with the task, maps, OOB etc. This will be in late April. Kingtiger will be doing the evil red plan this time!

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Maybe: 04/05 May is a training activity for me and as these SB events tend to start early on Sunday morning I may not be able to attend.

Will confirm ASAP.

Have checked and can make it.

0330 get up

(1800 GMT) 0400 start - 0600 end (approx.)

0800 at work

Happy to go where needed.

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Can one join if he has not been in any of the previous ones?

It's the CV90-FIN version, Prof. The FCS is a bit unusual, so a bit of offline practice is worthwhile. UKA always runs a 'familiarisation' session prior to the NBG sessions.

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