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Not really.

1 x 6 or 2 x 3 (TP Ldr with one, TP Sgt the other) is the "norm".

3 x 2 not so much unless it was very specific / very short endurance (hard to run an OP for say 72 hours with 6 crewman).

Yes, that's what I meant: "Go there, do that, get back soonest" type of task.

If there is a recce troop or part thereof available, I'd like to give it a try. I'll watch for the staffing list and see how we're organized.

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Well they mine the coal (either open cut - big hole, or underground - tunnels) to get it to NEWCASTLE.

Big hole??

More like man made valleys and canyons.

(Good money too, so I've heard, but you are dodging huge dump trucks that would dwarf an M1, on a regular basis)

"The largest coal exporting harbour in the world was now in the control of an as yet unidentified foreign power." (glad you read the brief :)).

I guess a ship movements on an hourly basis.

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1975 84 MM Carl Gustav Training Drill Extract

No 1. Calls Load

No 2. Responds Loaded .. tap No 1 on helmet

No 2. Cling as close as possible to No1 climbing all over

No 1. Fire

No 1 and No2 Brace -Woompa air rushes back in and both guts ache

No 1 Calls Reload

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Sooo, the Technical with the RCL should have an Airstrike smoke effect when firing? :biggrin:

Touch that 106 off in the wrong place in the wrong weather conditions and the entire known universe will know where you are! :shocked:

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