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70th anniversary of the Tank Battle at Kursk comming up


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Since all on this forum has a interest in tanks and tank battles, i thought i would do a heads up of the 70th anniversary of the Tank Battle at Kursk

The battle was fought from 5. july to 23. august 1943, between Nazi Germany and Russia.

The battle involved as many as 6,000 tanks, 4,000 aircraft and 2 million fighting men and is remembered as the greatest tank battle in history (Data taking from historynet.com).

The battle was fierce and brutal, especially around Prokhorovka, sometimes the tanks ran out of ammo and simply rammed each other!

its funny how the anniversary is close to the release date of SB 3!

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imaging what kind of battle that would be in SB..

m1a2, leo 2, challenger 2 versus t-72 and t-80´s, that would simply be EPIC!

i have also seen several documentarys and read books about kursk, that battle and the ardennes (Wacht am Rhein campaign) is my favorite WWII battles.

In modern time it is the 1973 "Yom Kippur" and the "six day battle"

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