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OK, I'm back in business after spending the last half-year in Kentucky.

If anyone wants to send me links to downloadable files to upload, please go ahead and email to nessie@clubi.ie

Also, PLEASE, if you are linking me to a skin which replaces a previous one, let me know so that I'm not duplicating.


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Have had this question answered in SB Development news here is the reply by Ssnake

Ablemaster, unless explicitly mentioned, there will be no changes to the vehicle models. In the long run we will overhaul at least all major vehicles and maybe even a number of others, but that's something that we treat as a "constant micro improvement" parallel to the work on new stuff, which usually has priority. However, if Dejawolf has the time to rework old models, he will.

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Been looking at the cat, good stuff, when my upgrade arrives will get a few, some excellent skins out there. Anyone know of any new camouflage ones, been looking in to it, is it possible to add better foilage, tree stuff etc to the new versions. been looking through forums know this is a difficult thing to achieve with any realism, just curious.

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Yeh will do. Plenty to look at, when my upgrade arrives i will do a skin, used to skin a lot before, mainly aircraft etc, but will have a go, hell why not, thanks for reply.

no problem at all. looking forward to them. welcome aboard and all that jazz :biggrin:

as far as foilage and so forth. i thought you meant onto the vehicles, but i now think that you mean on the ground, etc. yes, you can edit those images as well, IIRC.

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Thanks again, will have a go, lot to learn, but everyones got to start at the begining, anyways enjoying every minute, and hope to get involved more, will give the online game a go too, looking forward to it.


Just remember that some terrain files have alpha layers so take that into account when messing with them.


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It's become kind of redundant anyway- there have been changes to the download section which now categorize skins, and assuming most folks upload a thumb or screenshot, you have something similar to the skin catalog now integrated into the site; it didn't exist this way before, which was the original purpose of the skin catalog. It's not streamlined in the same sense, since you rely on the contributor's individual snapshots and bits of information rather than what appears to be a universal way of representing them all (that is, screenshot taken from the same perspective of any vehicle). It's not exactly the same, but more or less categorizes the same kind of information- good enough. It furthermore has the advantage of more regular and current updates.

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