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'Divide unit' with Control Logic?


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Hello Comrades,

I've done a lot of keyword searching and still haven't fond an answer to this question, so any help is very welcome.

Is there any way to specify that a single vehicle break off from its unit and take a separate route without dividing it out of the unit from the beginning?

To test this I set up a route with an 'Embark if...this unit is..." specifying the vehicle's ID. When the unit gets to the waypoint with the Embark if nothing happens.


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Well, "None" is too absolute. But there is no practical solution. I can only think of a way to demonstrate that it can be done:

Create a penalty region "P" with mobility damage applied with a 30% likelihood or so, and lead the unit to a battleposition inside that region "P". Create a route with embark condition IF [immobilized units] in [P] > 2 to lead an unpenalized vehicle out of the region. Make the same region P, or some other of identical dimensions and position, a repair zone "R" that will immediately repair all track damage IF [immobilized units] in [R] > 0 AND [combat ready units] in [R] < 1 with a 30 seconds delay if true.

Afterwards the platoon is split into individual vehicles.

The human player could even manually merge them afterwards. So, it would be "scripted", but it's useless.

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Hmmm....it does seem like a maneuver that would happen in the RW.

Unit leader says to vehicle #4 "Take that road half a click up the hill...see what's up there and report back." Or, maybe not.

Rarely in the single vehicle capacity. Sections at the least. Sending one vehicle to do a task it a great way to get single vehicles killed. ;)

And moreover, just because you can't script it doesn't mean it can't be done. Even as a single player, hop into unit #4 and drive out of formation. It will split right off and you can perform the task you desire. You can even join it back with the formation when done.

You just can't program it in. The system is robust, but it doesn't accomodate everything. :)

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