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Consolation Prize No. 4


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I must confess, we haven't come as far as planned, therefore it's less to report than I had hoped for. There are at least two or three things however that are worth mentioning.

  1. Dynamic change of visibility
  2. Crosswind
  3. Temperatures
  4. Barometric Pressure

It's all going to be controlled through "weather control points" - basically, you define the weather conditions at mission start and then at any point during mission time. Let's say that the mission starts at 06:30 with -1°C, 2m/s wind from northwest, 1010hPa pressure, visibility 1600m. In this example you then set a second weather control point at 08:30 with +1°C, 1m/s wind from the east, and 1012hPa pressure and 2800m visibility.

Steel Beasts will then perform a linear interpolation between these conditions, so at 07:30 the conditions would be 0°C, 1.5m/s wind from NNE, 1011hPa, and 2400m visibility.

Right now both temperature and barometric pressure won't do much. Above all, there won't be animations for rain, snow, and other forms of precipitation unfortunately. That's still something to do, and we can't before the release. However, once that these things will get implemented, no further change to the scenarios will be needed as you can set the parameters already, so they will be taken into account as soon as the necessary functions and artwork elements are implemented.

Crosswind will influence the drift of smoke screens as well as the ballistic trajectory of rounds, making gunnery just a bit harder to separate the wheat from the chaff in gunnery (almost literally so).

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I suppose I don't remember very well what was put into the M1 other than ammunition temp and something to do with the number that came with the particular lot of ammunition. It would be interesting to do that in SB simply to bring it closer to real life. Though I guess it wouldn't bring anything of value into the sim.

Anyways, wind that affects smoke screens (maybe artillery smoke/dust?) is going to be really great (and valuable).

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Well again the sensor feeds that directly into the FCS (there is no dial in the turret).

The Mortar / Arty guys (who should be the ones firing any smoke missions) will have that met data in their CP.

? On a real tank you can manual enter these into the computer if you needed to. But yes its mostly auto by the sensors. You can also see the auto inputs that the tank is reading on the CCP. To be more detailed Auto inputs Crosswind , Cant, Lead, Range. Manual inputs Temperatures, Barometric Pressure, Air Temp, MRS. But all can be Manually entered if needed

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The single most influential factor to thermal imagers seems to be actual precipitation. As long as we don't have rain or snow animations, it doesn't seem to make a lot of sense to make the thermal sensors worse. As soon as there ARE going to be those animations, I'm sure they will have an effect on the thermal images as well.

Admittedly another factor is air humidity, but that's something which, I think, we won't simulate for a while.

Entering barometric data into the fire control computer will be possible in some vehicles, but aside from crosswind you won't observe any effect.

Where you don't have a wind sensor, you'll have to rely on the mission briefing and eventual event messages, I suppose. There won't be a magic weather station whispering updates into your ears. You simply have to observe the drift of smoke and dust, your fall of shot, and make the corresponding corrections.

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Are any of these going to be visually visible in some way - or just behind the scenes changes in the simulation?

How do you visualize changes in air pressure, or air temperature? Even wind is invisible in clean air. We can only visualize the effects of it on other things - like bullet tracers and aerosols like smoke and dust clouds.

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Air Pressure and Temperature didn´t change within hours that much that this Changes influence outer ballistics that much. (If Boresighting with "Fleet Method" you shouldn´t care about this anyway. Sorry couldn´t resist)

The Wind is the Point.

Is there a Chance to indicate a Change of Direction or Strenght?

Wind makes Noise, Wind moves Plants and Wind takes Sand with it.

So is that visible/hearable ?

A little Inspiration:

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I appreciate that some members would really like a 'Full Realism' sim, but am I the only one who is a bit concerned that too much complexity in the PE version might actually be a turn-off for those of a less dedicated inclination?

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