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ARRC training day


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OK lads, Ronner.net seems to be down forever now, and its time to get going again...

Me,Ghost,Vati and PeterGrozni played today, did a recon mission with 4 CV90 and then another recon mission with Hmmwee (the demo one)

conclusions of those scenarios:

*Never let Ghost do a recon mission (he turns it into a combat recon mission)

*Humwes cant stand small arms fire.

*Recon takes longer time then expected. we need to work on speeding up the recon... will do another recon scenario for next week.

Training days for ARRC is SUNDAY 1800 GMT!! (that is 1900 Central european time) and we play for 2-4 hours.

so I will see you next sunday at 1800GMT!

and Guys, show up so we can START at 1800... not enter at 1800.

we wait to 1815, if you havent showed up we dont go back for you...

Cheers KT

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Will you lads accept others, or do you want to keep it within your VU only?

only within our VU please, we use to fill up with Sean if we breach 8 player limit (because he hosts then, so he is in the game anyway :P)

and you cant become a member in ARRC anyway because its europeans only (due to timezones and pings, exeption is when Sean is neededa as host)

Sorry Hub!


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KT et al, if you want your get-together times posted in SB news, let me know and I'll include it. I update the column every Monday (or so).


Thanks for the offer shot, but this tread is a emergency solution so far, I hope we will get something betther going soon, and ARRC are like 8 members and its pretty un-nesesary (damn I cant spell that word) to have an announcement for 8 members :P

but thanks anway :)


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im there! innnn fact im in teamspeak now mwuahahaha! :biggrin:

Congrats :P

Ok, we got the guys together along with Zip, pretty quit guy I have to say (ha ha ha...)

Next weekend will be, as you asked, a similar mission, but I wont have a time limit on it this time.

and there will be 122s on this time ;)

good game overall, 1 lost CV and 2 damaged TCs is pretty low cost for what we tooked and got :)

See you all next weekend!


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Yes it was great fun and even more educational than last time I was there!

Thanks for setting it up KT, I am pleased to hear im going to be back in the heavies next week, for some reason I still get a little confused in the CV90, not fully used to it yet, since ive been away.

I will play the entire part of the next mission buttoned up... Im sick of every mission being the first one to take a TC casulty lol

Plus I also learned that I am extremely lucky to have survived that KE slug from a T-72 at 500m.... As Irish said "That one should have peeled the top off your CV90 like a drinks can."

Also a big thanks to Zipuli for jumping in on the mission, it was good to have you along, and we appreciate your time :)


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Why thank you Stalin!

Next time I will have my (working) microphone with me. :) But this time enemy electronic warfare (electronic recce) unit was unable to locate my "silent" CV wreaking havoc on your right flank, heh! Like I said I like your "all for realism" playstyle!


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More than welcome bud,

Haha electronic warfare I like it LOL

Yes all you guys on the right flank had a pretty good kill fest down there. Good work!!

Up North on the left flank we had a couple of infantry units and a BMP to deal with, the worst part was popping my nose over a rise in the terrain to have a peak and seeing a T-72 staring straight at me... that thing had our 2 platoons of CVs pinned down behind that rise.. its a good job I was turret down or that shell that hit me would have been a dead cert kill.

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