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ARRC training day

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I just think you guys ought to get your story straight.

-What story? on why you arent in ARRC?

It's not about an 8 player limit (Sean is almost always there).

-It have been, you cant always demand or assume that Sean can show up, but that issue is out of the way since Zipuli has recieved the unlimited exe so he can host unlimited, So No its not about 8player limit (anymore)

In fact, there have been many Sundays when you couldn't get 8 of your members to show up.

-True, and pretty obvius, sometimes you cant attend or dont want to, its not always possible to gather all at same time. still after our experience we had last summer I still feel its betther to still only accept 1 non arrcer per session anyway, despite how few we are.

when to many non-arrcer gets in there that arent trimmed with us it doesnt work as arrc, it turns into a normal online game. no thanks for that.

And it's not about time zones.

-Nopp, stay upp at 2 o klock in the night to play with us, I dont care. the rule with the timezone we have abonded long ago.

And it's not about commo skill or gunnery skill.

-Nopp, or almost atleast, you arent asumed to know it all when you join, but you are asumed to LEARN and USE it. then sometimes it just doesnt work out at all, though shit.

What it's really about belongs on PMs only.

-Feel free to PM me.


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Hmmm seems somebody has something massive stuck in his colon.....Again !!!

Hedgehog and assorted lurkers I am ARRC newest member and do not consider myself a good player.I do however enjoy playing in a close knit team environment and that I believe is what lead to my being invited to join ARRC. As for Stalin you will be hard pressed to find a better teammate, I don't give a damn how good his English is.

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Lurker, that sounds a bit unsavoury.

I'm kinda looking forward to a bit of online play.

Sometimes I wonder whether the AI could organise a pissup in a brewery.

But that could be down to my less than specific instructions.

"Go sit on that hill and shoot anything Russian thats still twitching."

Always ends in tears.

Anyway, when you have space for a non ARRC player, pencil me in.

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Everybody get in there tonight! :) Time to have some FUN! All members please D-load Hornet's Nest -scenario (PE, MP, COOP, Medium) so no need to d-load from host!


PS. We're running the beta version from this on!

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Okey ARRC:ers, head over to ronner.net and check in the latest post i have done, called SOP Platoon http://www.ronner.net/forum/index.php/topic,54.0.html


Hi KT ! :)

Even after a successful registration, I cannot read that post, but only this message:

"The topic or board you are looking for appears to be either missing or off limits to you."

What am I doing wrong ? :confused:

Thanks in advance and greetings to all :)

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OK lazy assholes, its time at 1800GMT again, we will try same scenario as last week but this time I hope we can survive it, OK?

I have added a counterattack and also done so the famous ATGM have more respawn possibilites.

Dont forget the new password as provided in the link above this post


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Eat you heart out Daskal. LOL


Well I didn't know this idiom at all before - so had to "google" it and I found: "something that you say which means that you or someone you know can do something better than a person who is famous for doing that thing" - if thats the meaning of it than thanks ;)

Although I was expecting you to show up Irish - or weren't you allowed near the camera crew? ;) LOL

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Hi Daskal

thats exactly what I meant. These two clips were made by the BBC and are just about on par with what you turn out. They do however show what I was up to back in Oct/Nov 07.


Irish - one question: Are these ARRC trainings carried out on commanding level only, in a simulated enviroment - or are you already carrying out excersises together with live "Grunts"?

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