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Windows security prompt while browsing a thread


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I was browsing the "Wish List" thread and when going from post #150 to post #151 (which is top of next page for me), Win7 security asks me for User Name and Password. I just disregard this prompt and continue to browse without any issue.

I thought I'd just give a head's up just in case it might be something worthy of moderator attention.

Edit: Okay, it's happening on more than the page I indicated above.

Also, I have Win7, Norton360, IE browser.

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Yes happening here too. For me a window randomly opens and asks for an ID and Password when right clicking on a thread topic to view the thread in a new window. Happened 5-6 seperate times over the previous 4 days.

Has not affected being able to view the post and clicking OK, cancel or the red X closes the window, ie it's not a persistant request.

Running W7 and current Firefox with latest Avast AntiVirus & Malwarebytes AntiSpam.

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