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Release Date!


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From all my knowing of him ( SerB) he is extremely intelligent. He was working awhile ago with Moscow nuclear institute Kurchatov - Russian ( and USSR) main nuclear institute.

So he looses patience in communication with people who dont get him straight away - then he starts to troll, and to troll hard. :biggrin:

Knowing the nature of most of WoT gaming population, i can hardly blame him.

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I would prefer not to gossip about people who are neither related to Steel Beasts nor who have a user account here. In fact, I'd prefer to not have any gossip at all, but from what I kow about human nature it's probably a futile wish.

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what happened to the release???????????

any news?

The "news" is still the same. Our current course of action is to work out the remaining bugs until ist's basically release-worthy (we're very close to that point), then to work on the new particle effects to see if we can make quick progress. If it turns out to be a lot more complicated than we think it is, we'll release the "safe" version without the particles. If for once things go according to plan, we'll take a few more weeks to finish and polish things to make it look real nice.

Nothing outrageously fancy, but simply avoiding to ship it with dated, ugly fire/smoke/dust animations.

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that's the problem with announcing new versions

when QA has no strong voice.

Buit well, better late, than never :frown:

It's interesting to see how incredibly well-informed you are about the background of all this. :heu:

Well I suspect his username reflects his basic opinion, and if he can interpret the facts in such a way to support his view then so much the better (from his point of view) I guess.

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