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Disturbing news from the Federal Republic of Kouvostoliitto


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BBC news, August 2nd 2013:

"The KNSA (Kouvostoliitto News Service Agency) reports that the long ruling leader of Kouvostoliitto, president Zipulovich has passed away this morning. The hero of the "bloodles unification of Kouvostoliitto" in the mid-1970s, that claimed thousands of lives, was considered the glue that held the young nation together through the years of Cold War, the collapse of Soviet Union, and the 1990s recession.

Already after receiving the news of their leader's death, the Kouvostoliitto goverment is faced with massive demonstrations against the central power by the many ethnic minorities in the country. In north-east Kouvostoliitto, the people of Autonomous Province of W'Al-Quela (APW) are gathering in the streets of many major cities and towns in the area, chanting slogans of freedom and burning flags of Kouvostoliitto. Their local leadership is claiming that the people of W'Al-Quela have not forgotten the quelled uprising of 1997, where Zipulovich's Kouvostoliitto Liberation Army (KLA) killed hundreds of demonstrators and apprehended the local ringleaders.

"The aim of the people of W'Al-Quela is independence from the corrupt oppressors of Kouvostoliitto, through peaceful means" said the local leader Erik Hairysteed, "but should there be need, we are ready for other solutions as well."

With the sudden outburst of demonstrations and unrest in the country, the Kouvostoliitto Liberation Army has started to mobilize, along with the Kouvostoliitto Police Force (KPF). Unconfirmed sources state that there has been quite a lot of desertion from the ranks of the army and even some high ranking officers have defected to stand along their ethnic brothers rather than prepare to take arms against them.

The United Nations is to hold an emergency meeting tomorrow to discuss the situation in Kouvostoliitto, as many fear that a full blown uprising could turn into another Syria."

What could all of this mean?

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BBC news, August 2nd 2013:

The United Nations is to hold an emergency meeting tomorrow to discuss the situation in Kouvostoliitto, as many fear that a full blown uprising could turn into another Syria."

What could all of this mean?

My guess is.

A rapid force deployment by a UN peace keeping force.?

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Ah the UN will sit on their hands again.

They will issue various statements urging for calm and peaceful discourse. (We all know this is complete bollocks and is doomed to failure)

The UN(v) however tend to take a more robust approach, I reckon we'll see a multinational force deployed before long to smack some militia heads together.

Sorry to hear about President Zipulovich.

Was he a relative of yours Zip? :biggrin:

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What could all of this mean?

More arms sales for US/EU/Russia? (Recommended reading: The Gun Seller by Hugh Laurie. Yes, THAT Hugh Laurie! Actor, world-class blues musician and now author. Don'cha just hate people like that. :mad:)

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3rd Aug 2013

Last night the demonstrations against the goverment burst into riots in parts of Kouvostoliitto. The security forces were ordered to the streets to stop violence, but this turned into confrontation between some of the protestors and the police forces. Two young men were shot dead during the night, and a number of cars were burned in the city center of Kah Wala, the capital of Kouvostoliitto. The officials report seven policemen being injured and tens of civilians being hospitalized, some of whom have suffered what appears to be gunshot wounds.




Early this morning a car bomb was detonated outside the town of Chaalla, north of Kah Wala, claiming lives of three bystanders. The governor of Chaalla has asked for increased security force presence in the town and the surrounding countryside, claiming the "terrorists from W'Al-Quela are behind this attrocity". Erik Hairysteed has condemned the attack against the neighbouring town of Chaalla, and assures his people are not behind the attack.


Thousands of demonstrators have gathered this morning to the center of Kah Wala to protest against the mobilization of armed forces and security forces. So far this demonstration has been peacefull, but Kouvostoliitto's goverment has issued a warning, that the protests must end before midnight, or they are forced to act to ensure peace and stability. Already some military vehicles have moved close to the city center, and the accompanying troops are seen creating roadblocks and barbed wire barriers to keep the protests confined.


The UN will discuss the situation later tonight.

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Aug 4th 2013

With the unrest building in Kouvostoliitto, the UN held a summit to discuss the situation. The conclusion was that UN supports peaceful approach in the handling of the situation, and urges political leadership in Kouvostoliitto to remain calm and abstain from violence. With no democratically appointed president, the UN urges Kouvostoliitto to hold presidential elections as soon as possible. Representative from Kouvostoliitto argued that the problem is the separatists, who are trying to seize the moment to run the country into turmoil to run their own agendas. He also stated that already the extremism has surfaced and that there is no intent to negotiate with these "terrorists groups that endanger the unity of the nation and well being of its citizen".


This morning the people of W'Al-Quela marched the streets in most major cities and towns in the province to support independency from Kouvostoliitto. Support for local extremists has been openly shown and people in masks, carrying automatic weapons were seen burning flags of Kouvostoliitto and puppets of Zipulovich.


Inside W'Al-Quela, the KLA garrison of Los Vegaros has issued highest level of alert after a group of armed men attacked the soldiers manning a vehicle checkpoint. One soldier was killed, two others badly wounded and two armoured vehicles destroyed in the attack. The garrison is home of a KLA mechanized infantry brigade, but the soldiers drafted there are mostly from W'Al-Queala province. The brigade leadership are reported being die hard supporters of the central goverment. No armed group has yet reported being behind the attack.


In Kah Wala the demonstrators have refused leaving the city center and the security forces have surrounded the area. During the night, after the closing of the issued deadline there were some clashes between police and the people, but apart from firing flares and few tear gas canisters the security forces did not use force. The demonstrators probably saw this as a partial victory on their side.

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It certainly sounds like it's turning nasty,

UK Armour have been put on 48hrs notice to move should they be required.

As soon as we have checked out the super complex Scimitar Fire Control Systems. :biggrin:

Hmm, i might just reenlist for this one.
Whoah! Where have you been? In Congo perhaps?

All those Congolese Women, some of them are pretty tasty. :debile2:

Sure you all know the saying. :biggrin:

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Aug 7th 2013

Kah Wala

After the violence broke out during the night between Aug 4th and 5th, news from Kouvostoliitto have been hard to come by. Official news agency KNSA has reported nothing of the situation in the city streets of Kah Wala. Foreign news reporters have not been very interested in the country untill now, and they have been unable to get on site, as they have been stopped at border checkpoints and the Kah Wala airport.


First a flood of images and amateur videos appeared on youtube and facebook to show the military assaulting the demonstrators and the outburst of violence, but after that Kouvostoliitto has limited their citizens' access to internet. The local Red Cross reports at least 35 deaths since monday, and the number of injured people is uknkown, but estimated to be in the hundreds.

The Outbreak of Violence


The violence started as the military was ordered to clear the streets of the demonstrators and a number of the people started to resist and throw so called "molotov cocktails" at the soldiers, who answered with a hail of CS gas rounds, water cannons and batons. Few masked demonstrators climbed on one of the tanks and managed to throw a molotov inside the open hatch, causing the destruction of the vehicle and its crew. This caused the accompanying troops to open fire at the crowd with Kalashnikovs. This started the bloodshed, and soon an eerie silence landed on the streets of Kah Wala as the army officials, backed up by the police force, ordered a curfew in the city.

International community has condemned this act of violence on part of the goverment led forces.

The Situation at W'Al-Queala Boils Over

With the military response against the demonstrators in Kah Wala, the people of W'Al-Queala province have started taking justice in their own hands. The urban centers of the province have witnessed a sudden outburst criminal activity and violence against the local police forces. The police have responsed with batons and tear gas, but in many cases the angry mobs have been able to force the police to leave the towns.

In the industrial town of Wahi-Lake, in the western part of the province things got worse as the local people managed to overrun a police patrol and capture the policemen. An amateur video, probably shot on location, shows the mob beating two uniform dressed men, and shooting them in the back of the head after dragging the bodies around the streets of the town in a pickup truck. In the images men with automatic weapons can be seen in numbers and the crowd is chanting "Free W'Al-Quela, death to the goverment!".


The town of Wahi-Lake is close to the army base of Los Vegaros and a military response is possible if the goverment decides to start quelling the W'Al-Quela uprising.

W'Al-Quela spokesman Erik Hairysteed commented the violence as being against the nature and good will of the people in the province and pointed his finger at the W'Al-Qaida, a local terrorist organization with ties to Al-Qaida. He fears that this sudden outburst of violence will escalate, which is just what the extremists in the region want, as that would lead to a confrontation with the goverment forces and to a civil war. "The terrorists' agenda is to completely destroy the country, where the people of the province just want peace and democracy" he said.

Since yesterday Hairysteed has been missing from his office. The local authorities fear that he has been captured by the goverment commandos for questioning. Others suggest the W'Al-Qaida. Kouvostoliitto officials have denied any knowledge of his whereabouts and suggest he has joined the "other terrorists in fight against justice and peace".

Edited by Zipuli
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8th Aug 2013

11:45 local time

Tanks enter Wahi-Lake!

Today the KLA forces have been reported entering the town of Wahi-Lake in W'Al-Queala province, using tanks and other army vehicles. The information on site is difficult to come by, but a young woman, who escaped the town when the tanks arrived, has described the situation there as "violent". She took 2 photos with her mobile phone. The images show the KLA tanks entering the town from the south, and a single demonstrator standing in the middle of the road, refusing to move. "He was my sister's husband" tells the young woman, whose name is kept secret as she fears for her life. "The gunmen and demonstrators were further in the town. He wanted to reason with the soldiers and prevent things from getting even worse." She says the soldiers talked to the man quickly and then started to move into the town. The man, who refused to move was pushed aside and beaten with rifle butts and the woman says he died. "That's when I... I just ran away. I took my family and our car and we drove away from the town. We managed to slip away, using a small road. The army had roadblocks around the town and many tanks."

Driving away from the town she says she heard gunfire. "They were shooting...

First it was only a few shots, but then it erupted." She also the reported she heard explosions.



Other people around Wahi-Lake have also told us they have heard gunfire. "It started slowly, then it was like a thunder. Later when it had been quiet for a while I heard bigger booms, like volleys of rifle fire" tells a man who said he was hunting in the area when he heard and saw the tanks move to the town. "I took off... I fear my friends in the town are in trouble. They said they would take care of any goverment oppressors, but there were tanks... and they were just young foolish boys. Children."

Changes in Kouvostoliitto leadership

In Kah Wala, the goverment has named one of the heroes of the "Bloodles Unification", general Mokavich in command of the country for the time being. Mokavich, who was a major during the Unification, has stated that his appointment will only last as long as the elections for a new president are held and the situation is normalized. He has the support of the people of Kah Wala province, as he is a Kah Walian himself. He is told to be a decisive and swift leader.

Tension between the Kah Walians and W'Al-Quelians has erupted into violence in the border areas and towns of the two provinces. The Kah Walians say all they want is peace and to get on with their lives. The W'Al-Quelians are determined to fight for their rights and equality. The majority of people of W'Al-Queala are ethnic W'Al-Quelians, who see Kouvostoliitto as their oppressor, and all Kah Walians as unwanted people in their province. The Kah Walians are told to be treated better by the mostly Kah Walian goverment and they have all the top offices and positions in the republic.

In the border village of Andersby the Kah Walians have voted with their feet after last night's violence, destruction of their shops and burning of cars. "They came all masked up and smashed the windows in our shop and burned it down. They threatened me, my wife and our children. We escaped in the morning, we had to leave all our possessions behind. It's not safe for us" says one of the Andersby refugees. He has moved to live with his relatives at Kah Wala, but fear for his friends and his livelihood. "This is madnes. I hope Mokavich will make things better soon. We are people of peace! We don't want a war in our country!"


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