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tank documentary

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well, its the most informed tank documentary for TV i've yet seen, though still lacks in most aspects of tank warfare.

don't complain, at least it listed the leopard 2 and challenger as the equals of the M1,

and it also told a brief story of how the abrams was upgraded a few times.

still missed out hugely on the 105mm L7A3, but lots of delicious WW1 footage, and tank footage in general makes you forget that.

it also manages to give a rough outline of the development history of the tank over time.

i'd rate it a 4/6.

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Lots of nice footage, even from old Bundeswehr M47 or M48! But...

...Little Willie??


...and of course why is "Leadability" of a tank never mentioned? It ranges as much as armor and firepower. T-34 had good armor, good performance, good firepower, the best combination of its time. But its turret outfit was initally crap, no radios and used piecemeal. And they tried to sell that Germany won the 39-41 campaigns with superior armor! Oh yeah, let´s swarm France with Panzer I and II, sounds like a good idea...tactics, doctrine, all that has to have a place in a tank documentary.

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Well worth the look for the WW1 stuff alone. So it's made for an American audience...no biggie. Just substitute the ballsy M1 talk with "generic Western tank", and leave room for the fact that the newest Russki developments aren't even mentioned, and you're sorted.

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Here is the rest of the video (German version):


Haha, Fuller as the founder of "Blitzkrieg"....

Plan 1919 by Fuller is an interesting read.... one can argue that it formed the basis for later blitzkrieg tactics.

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