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Tank Biathlon


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OK, sorry about that, I didn't look at the other fora before posting in this one. Still think it's a cool idea, though.

Oh, for sure! I think it just goes to show that there is some real interest in the SB community about this.

And +5 grammars to you, sir, for correctly using the plural of "forum" in a sentence. :biggrin:

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I've come up with a scenario for this. It's multi-player but with only 2 people. One is the referee and the other the contestant. It's a timed event, with each second being one point off your target score.

If anyone would like to try it, I'm willing to host a couple rounds tonight around 10 Eastern. I'm not sure how well hosting will go, but with only two people in game it might be OK. We could run three rounds at 10:00, 10:20 and 10:40. Time per run seems to run around 17-18 mins. If it goes well, I'd be willing to run this for a number of sessions over the next week or so and provide the results.

Post a reply if interested - first three replies will go tonight if they are able.

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I can't make it tonight but I might be interested in giving it a try another time.

Sure thing - if the first few go well and are deemed enjoyable, I'll try to schedule sessions to accommodate everyone's diverse schedules, as best I can anyway.

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Thanks to Rotar for being my first guinea pig. It went pretty well, with a couple small bugs identified and, hopefully, squashed! A couple snaps of the event, without giving too much away :)

Rotar at speed, blowing through his own gunsmoke!


Finish line ahead!


I'm thinking one more trial run with another volunteer then we'll set up the formal trials for anyone who's interested.

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