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I'm seeing red x's in certain pages of this site


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Also, Microsoft has insisted (yet again) that they will soon stop support for XP. That means any vulnerabilities found after the fact will not be patched. And further: some experts speculate that any recently discovered vulnerabilities are being shelved until support stops so they won't be patched. Add to that the possibility that problems that are discovered even in newer versions of Windows may extend back to XP (again, not being patched) and you can see we have a potentially big problem.

Every business computer I come into contact with still runs XP. I guess this is Microsoft's way of forcing people to upgrade. It's a shame, really. XP did its job fairly well for a long time. And it'll cost businesses a pretty penny to upgrade all of their machines. A fact Microsoft is counting on, I'm sure.

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I've heard Opera is decent. I used to have an opera browser on my phone which worked well, but I've never tried the desktop version.

I like it very much, but version 12.16 is now the last version made. The new version (15.x onward) will use the Chrome engine, and is a far cry from the immense utility value of Opera 12. Hopefully they will bring it back to where it currently is.

There's of course Firefox as the most popular browser at the moment, or try the EU enforced browser selection page of the latest Windows versions for two dozen randomized browser suggestions (reload page to shuffle).

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