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Victor Juliet /191th MekBn - 28th Sept


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I've given Tango 29 access to a license.

Given the time zones involved and my machine being on 24/7 I'm happy to risk manage and put out one or two extra licenses on the basis that its unlikely for all seven to be in use at any one time.

So Brun if you drop me an email I can get you up and running soonish.

I have two additionnal licenses if that can help.

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Just to avoid any confusion on my part, and given we switch to daylight savings time in New Zealand tonight, did we confirm 2000 or 2100 CEST (Berlin) as the start time? I can't see it made it explicit in the two threads, but I may have missed the post.

Once the start time in CEST or UTC is confirmed, I'll do the conversion and ensure I'm online at H-30.

I look forward to putting BRAVO ROMEO through its paces tomorrow!


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