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Victor Juliet /191th MekBn - 28th Sept


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That was a great game, my first MP game in SB in years. A few notes/observations:

- quite overwhelming for a new guy like me - during preparation before the battle everyone except me seemed to know what to do, I've never used whisper lists before etc. The battle after this was quite simple :)

- I was totally lost with the swedish callsigns, so I had to ask more which tank is mine etc

- it was great to be a part of the team that cooperates, I felt fine just being marko's gunner (my tank was destroyed by enemy arty quite early - at least I destroyed 3 tanks a bit later :))

- the ambient sound is awesome - sounds of distant shots, arty etc

- big difference compared to SP missions is target ID, I had to be careful not to shoot our guys

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TBH I have no idea if my fire missions were on target.

I just know they "Went that way".

I think I killed a few trees......certainly stripped a few of leaves. M109s parked right next to some. :biggrin:

I do miss my my big red rectangles of death though. :(

This is why you normally have the FO in the frontline calling in observed fire. Or push more on the CO/XO to get verbal feedback on the impact.

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Don't mention it mate, you even got a Canadian "No shit there I was" story about swamps atop of hills as well for the same price! :D


Here's an example from Google Earth: best one that I could find, anyway. Tracks left, right and centre, with the dark "swampy area" right in the middle. :sonic:

And thanks to all for a super extended game. Really enjoyable. Had a great time with Tacbat and Connaugh in "Bravo!"

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