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Black screen


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Have downloaded and installed SB Pro PE 3.02 after uninstalling 2.654.

Now whenever I try to run SB, I get a black screen for a view.

Can hear engines running and radio voices, but can only see when looking out of gunners primary sight with thermal running.

Have run both gunnery ranges, instant action, and some old senarios.

My system

HP Pavilion a1440n

Windows XP Sp3

Pentium ® D CPU 2.80 GHZ

3.50 GB Ram (4 GB installed)

NVIDIA GeoForce 7300 LE (updated drivers)

DirectX 9.0c

Am I missing something from the textures folder?


System seems to be crashing whenever I try to run one of the accompaning senerios

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forgot second problem
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overwrote the options dat, nothing

dropped all the graphics settings to zero or one, HAVE A PICTURE.

Just FYI, "dropping all GFX settings to zero" is exactly what overwriting the options.dat file will do.

As this did not have an effect for you, I assume you only overwrote the "<SB_Install_Dir>\misc" file, and not the already existing "%APPDATA%\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\options" file. If the latter is already existing, SB will ignore the default file.

Just mentioning this for clarification.

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