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Blue & Red Troop List (Redone)


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Quick source for troop uniform listings. Might give people good ideas for scenario making. I will put in SBPE Wiki once I figure out how to do that. Keeping it here for now for people's reference.

Nationalities in Steel Beasts Pro Pe

AT = Austria

AU = Australia

CA = Canada

CD = Congo (French Lizard pattern derivative)

CN = China (China updated to 2007 pattern)

DE = Germany

DK = Denmark

ER = Eritrea

ES = Spain

ET = Ethiopia

FI = Finland

IQ = Iraq (republican guard)

NL = Netherlands

NO = Norway

NZ = New Zealand

RU = Russia

SE = Sweden

UK = United Kingdom

US 1990

US 2000

ZA = South Africa (though really is ANC )

New Since SBPE Version 3.0

CS - Czechoslovakia

DD - East German

EG - Egypt

ID - Indonesia

IL - Israel (1970's ish)

IR - Iran (Modern)

KP - North Korea

KR - South Korea

SY - Syria

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