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hello everyone. Im back hehehe :)

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oh its good to be back :) its been way too long and I have missed you all so so much.:cool2: yer right :clin:

Anyhow I love the new Warrior AFV. Awsome. though I dont remember the recoil on 30mm Rarden Cannon being so bad. but its been a few years so I may just remember the good old days wrong. So here my one question about future versions, not a request or a demand for new stuff, but will there be a bushmaster version? or the export version with the TOW's or morter, wrecker, medic, cmd, engineers? I ask because many variations of the Warrior (for both internal sale and export) where produced. Though only approx 800 put in to service in the UK.

Anyhow its good to get back and see that the best Tank sim ever just get better still.


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I've kind of just been hiding out lately, not had time to commit to SB. Now winter is back and I'm stuck in the house again for the next 6 months so good excuse to get back in to it. Give me a couple of weeks to freshen up on the new functions and stuff and I'll join you's for a game. s!

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