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Yhea, that was an IDPA shoot early last winter on our northern border with Michigan. Temperatures got down into the 30's (F scale, think 'almost frozen' in C), and there was rain on and off.

Parts of the range were a total mudpit. But, they decided to go ahead and shoot it, I actually placed pretty well. We had maybe 40 shooters show up.

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At the start yes, the log on the ground was our start line. Must be behind a foot but there was a coffee cup as a prop.

IIRC the setup was something like: You are just leaving a coffee shop with your morning cup of joe. On the way out the door two men stop you, and demand that you hand over your wallet. You decline, and one pulls a switchblade. Engage the targets while backing away from the threat, two body shots and one headshot per target.

So at that point I've just tossed a coffee cup (Weighted realistically with spent shell cases!) and drawn my concealed weapon, and am reacting by hosing down the targets. Since IDPA is concealed carry oriented most of the shooting is done up close, and involves lots of backing up away from threat targets while shooting at them.

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So is a reply 2 years later too late? :)

Yes - it's chief among all my hobbies I can't afford - I've been a reenactor for 35 years - most of it with the 1st Maine Cavalry (see link in sig). We don't do the usually rugby-field carnival events, but tend to like cross-country, live out-of-the-saddle events. It's not an event if we haven't covered 20+ miles.

Guess you can see why SB appeals to me now.

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