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Javelin... Wouldn't it be good...

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...To improve it just a little BIT :cool3: (yep, why not to implement BIT test).

Are there any plans to improve SB Javelin in future?

I mean in example adding CLU NVS cooldown, making LED lights more eye candy, implementing CLU "power" switch or even CLU mark I?

Also track gates should work more precise (i mean smoother setting track gates size) like on those real Javelin videos i seen on YT like this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zi5UxPvIo_A

And TOP or DIR attack mode indicator should lit only in seeker FOV.

Also thermal should look much like thermal in Lemur instead of "tank gunner's style" thermal (i mean "clear view" thermal with no horizontal lines visible) and it should have focus.

And im not sure but i think that missile not ready indicator should lit while there is no missile in tube aswell.

EDIT: Here is Javelin field manual: https://www.fas.org/irp/doddir/army/fm3-22-37.pdf

EDIT2: Here is another video (its from ArmA mod) on this video you can see more realistic behavior of LED indicators:

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Well, thats it, then. Its good enough for his royal highness gibson, let all further discussion of this nonsense cease this very instant.


He asked for an opinion and got one.

A no point did I say it was an absolute decree (to use your analogy). Others can of course have their own opinion, just like the OP has.

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