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BG ANZAC - 07 NOV 13

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An example of a recent evening:


So if you are interested, send me a PM (or email) and I'll send you the invitation and set you up.

Your message to me needs to contain:

First name:


Email Address:

I’ll assume the nickname is to be the same as the one you use here.

Due to the imposition of Daylight Savings in parts of the two countries, timings now are (and will remain for 6 months or so):

0800 GMT on Thursday, November 7th.

0800 in London (finally the home of GMT is on GMT)

1600 in Perth

1730 in Darwin

1830 in Adelaide

1800 EST in Brisbane

1900 in Sydney, Melbourne

2100 NZST in Auckland


Agenda: Training Night

Due to last week's SNAFU, we will be looking at what we had planned to look at last week, namely:

a. A short session on the changes to using the Javelin missile (and maybe the others),

b. The changes to manually setting ranges / setting battle sight ranges in the M1A1 / M1A2, and when you would,

c. Now that mortars are available, who has them?, how many?, what type? (Inf. teams or vehicle mounted), where should they be placed to support the platoon / company or battalion? (from the point of view of best representing AU / NZ forces in a scenario)

d. ditto for a DFSW PL, where do they fit in? what weapons do they have? (again from the point of view of best representing AU / NZ forces in a scenario)

e. Finish with a bit of a "recce revision" session.

As always, visitors / first timers are welcome.


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