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Im trying to create a local tank range scenario like the Steel Beasts original but Im having some difficulties finding the right way to do it, I mean, the random nature of it.

I tried finding the tank range scenario, to dissect and learn from it, but could not find it anywhere.

I would like to ask for ideas on how to do it. I recon theres a lot of programming involved, like detecting that the last random target was destroyed and roling the dice to spawn the next one and so on.


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Thanks for the responses guy. The scenario appears to be password protected. By anyway, my goal here is not to crack into protected files, but instead, to learn how to use the mission editor properly, in special the programming features like conditions and events.

How would you guys do it? I mean, for example, to have 10 vehicles and have them spawned randomly into the tank range, about a few seconds after the previous vehicle was destroyed.

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That's actually a tricky thing to get working.

I was thinking about the following solution:

Event 1 (X1 0-50):

(operational enemy at BP01 > 1) AND

(random 0 < X1 < 50)

Event 2 (X1 50-100):

(operational enemy at BP01 > 1) AND

(random 50 < X1 < 100)

Event 3 (X2 0-50)

(random 0 < X1 < 50) AND

(red event 1 is true) OR (red event 2 is true) AND

(destroyed friendly in tank range are > 0)

Event 4 (X2 50-100)

(random 50 < X1 < 100) AND

(red event 1 is true) OR (red event 2 is true) AND

(destroyed friendly in tank range are > 0)

For every event, I have one tank assigned to spawn if, so for every random X, I have 2 tanks in the pool.

But I still have one question to ask:


I dont really understand how this works, I mean, the check boxes above.

If I select AND on the checkbox #1, will all the other checkbox be conditioned to AND, or only the one next to it, the checkbox #2?

Or is the system divided in 3 main conditions always dependent on the #1?

The (#1) AND/OR the (#2 AND #3)

The (#1) OR (#4 AND #5)

The (#1) OR (#5 AND #6)


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G'day Stormrider,

for the check boxes, you can have,

cond. 1 AND any of the other conditions,

or you can have,

cond. 1 OR any of the other conditions,

also conditions 2-7 are grouped into 3 seperate groups where you can have 2 different conditions for each group (hope it makes sense).

In other words,

you can have cond. 2 AND 3 true


you can have cond. 4 AND 5 true


you can have cond. 6 AND 7 true

what this means is you then have the options of

cond.1 true AND any 1 of the other 3 conditions, (so cond. 1 must be true and then you have a further choice of any 1 of 3 seperate conditions that must be true for an event or action to happen).


cond.1 true OR any 1 of the other 3 conditions, (in other words if any 1 of 4 seperate conditions are true, the selected action will occur).

I hope the above made sense :)

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I use the old Australian Tank Table, modified to hard, realistic targets (i.e. switched off kill when hit, and remove when killed), although the MBT swapped from T72M1 to T55, and everyone 'bombed-up' except for smoke.

There are some 35 targets, which is quite a challenge for 40/42 rounds, every BTR/BMP that keeps rolling after being penetrated through and through by a sabot round is one step further from a clean sweep.

I'm not a terrible gunner, but I usually fail to meet the 'supposed' qualification score based on rate of fire and accuracy ~ because the deliberate aiming needed for clean kills is slower than the 'twitch' that gives high scores but doesn't reliably hit the aim-point on longer range movers...

I keep meaning to play with the scoring, but so far I've just been using it as a practical exercise (where the score is unimportant).

Target presentation was controlled by triggers: one or two targets being presented with each activated trigger. This is simple and reliable, but it is cumbersome for the single player ~ I guess it works better with crew/instructor or gunner/observer. I intend to work up some automation of the target array in sections with re-loading breaks at some point - I like the control given by the triggers, but think that automatic sequencing of 3-4 groups (5-6 vehicles) would work better for a single player than the whole being individually selected..

I also plan to automate the presentation and link it to pauses for re-loading - perhaps using the 'trigger' to display the next target, with a variable delay, random numbers to select a chain of presentation

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