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Two sections of three man squads.

Gibsonm is hardly an amphibious assault. LoL

No one said it was an "assault".

By the same token, one or two NZLAVs isn't D Day either.

I was just pointing out that the Canadians aren't unique in having sent people across the water gap.

The good news is that our guys didn't have to swim it.

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Mission 3 AAR

We had 26 players participate in the third mission of OPV4:

USA: Assassin, Toyguy, Rotar, Optimus_Prime, Connaugh, PaladinSix

Canada: Brun, Gibsonm, 12Alfa, Colebrook, Tango29

UK: Crusty, Dark, TankHunter, Neil, Tjay, Bogusheadbox, Hedgehog

Denmark: Volcano, Sean, Manteuffel Gladiator, Dejawolf, SeanP, Mogwa, Tacbat

Mission run time: 57 min

Starting positions:


Halfway through:


Ending positions:


Mission 3 saw both sides active in the southern part of the island. The UK and Denmark pushed west, but took heavy losses doing so. Canada sent tanks to the south as well to support the USA. After breaching a minefield, the US and Canada began to reclaim ground in the south but the mission ended before they could exploit their breakout. Canada sent one of their LAV's across the bay in the north and established a foothold on the opposite side. The mission ended just as it was becoming nighttime. The next mission will be played during the night.

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Just a note that Sean won't be able to host this weekend, so I will be doing it. If you think you are going to have connection issues, show up 30 min before the mission starts to troubleshoot. I will be around 30 min early as well. If you show up late, or can't resolve your connection issues before the scheduled mission start time, then you don't play. Simple as that.

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