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And then reducing your tank strength by about the same amount. :)

Thanks all for playing in mission 4 today. Looks like my connection held up, although it was a bit laggy at times. With any luck Sean will be back to host the final mission on 01 March.

I'll have the results figured out by the middle of the upcoming week.

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Mission 4 AAR

We had 20 players participate in the fourth mission of OPV4:

USA: Assassin, Toyguy, Rotar, Connaugh, PaladinSix, Darkhorse

Canada: Gibsonm, Colebrook, Tacom, Tacbat

UK: Crusty, Dark, TankHunter, PanzerLeader, HoggyDog, Tjay

Denmark: Volcano, Gladiator, SeanP, Duke

Mission run time: 60 min

Starting positions:


Halfway through:


Ending positions:


Mission 4 was a night time mission in its entirety. Canada reinforced their beachhead with additional infantry but were eventually cleared out by the UK troops. Canada was able to send more LAV's across the bay and managed to keep a foothold inside UK territory. In the south, USA and Canada launched an early offensive, but were stopped by a minefield before they could make further gains.

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Just to recap before mission 5 is played. These are the victory conditions:

Major Victory – One side controls the entire island.

Minor Victory – To the side that controls the most territory.

Draw – Both remaining sides control the same amount of territory within 5 grid squares.

At the end of mission 4, the USA/Canada alliance controls 5 grid squares of the UK/Denmark alliance. If you are looking at the map in the rules, they are Denmark grid squares 6, 14, 19 & 22, and UK grid square 7.

So, to earn a minor victory, the USA/Canada only need to capture one more grid square and hold what they have already gained.

Mission 5 will be played on Sat, 01 Mar at 1900Z.

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I'd like to thank UK Armour for saving 2 of my Leopards in the last mission. Here's the rundown:

US forces were scouting north from their foothold in the south of Danish territory. My Leos (center screen) were in reserve, patiently awaiting orders. The UK was moving south to reinforce our forces.


The US tanks got to within mere meters of my Leopards...undetected by me!


Apparently they didn't see me, either. They began firing right past me on the UK units to my north, destroying one Challenger. :(


But UK Armour had an answer for them.


Well played, sirs. :drink:

Edited by Lt DeFault
Better pics.
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