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Here are all 5 missions with the passwords removed. You'll need 3.011 to view them:

Thanks Tacbat I was going to ask you to send them to me.

I am on a mancation day so I have the time to convert the missions to RTS Mission.

So they can be played by four players.

Again great work on OPV4

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Sorry for the necromancy, but I've just found the time to finish uploading my footage of OPV4 missions 2,4 & 5. I missed one mission and didn't record the other for some reason.:confused:

Anyway, the videos are basically raw footage from the Danish side with very minor editing. NB: I wasn't in the fight for much of the campaign, so these videos may only be of interest to those who were there or have a particular interest in this event.

There are some decent bits of action here and there and I tried to point some of those out in the description of the first video. However, work got in the way of editing the rest.

These videos are unlisted. I'd like to post them here and ask everyone who was involved for permission to make them public. I haven't really had time to go through them, myself.

Any objections to posting them here?

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Well, no objections and two endorsements (thanks, guys) so far.

Here's the footage. I started re-watching these and I had forgotten how hilarious some of the action is, especially in the middle of mission 2. Unfortunately lag was killer for that mission, but my infantry still managed to take out a couple enemy tanks! Betcha didn't know John Rambo was Danish, did ya?! :gun:




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Thanks, at least until the next OPV... ;)

Looking forward to the next one Tacbat.

Have you any changes in mind or is it early days yet.

If I could make one suggestion maybe a bigger map

And a few less minefields.

If I can find a few others with a reckless abandonment for life I would like to run a soviet equip unit.

This time.

I agree with Lt default one of the best campaigns I have participated in.

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