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Just so there are no surprises for the next mission, the UK team have decided to use the LMV jeep as their recce vehicle instead of the Scimitar. This brings them more in line with the other team's equipment. They will continue to use the Scimitars they already have on hand.

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Ok any armchair generals out there with some ideas for the various teams, remember red is Allied with blue and green is allied with purple.

OK, here's what I'd think about doing. I'm on Blue, so this is from our alliance's perspective. Phase one is the light blue and red arrows. Basically, we try to cut off some of the green and purple forces using flanks anchored at the coast. We'd need to defend along our lines, obviously, but put as much of the force as possible into taking those 2 purple grids and closing that green salient into red's territory.

Assuming that works, push the combined force northward on the dark blue axis to try and take out a couple more grids and reach the shore at the northern end to again anchor the flank. This will be harder as more forces will need to be left behind on the defense and if the situation is marginal, I might choose to hold after Phase one and take my territory points into the next round.

An argument could be made for pushing due East toward the 14, but I'd prefer to have the front anchored at both flanks myself.


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Dis-information can be a useful tool, as well. ;)

Yes it can be.

But not my intention just trying to generate some tactical discussion.

Or is it. LoL

Its my belief that options are very limited due to approximated equal forces.

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Just an update on CCP's:

Within an alliance, CCP's may be shared. Also, repair/recovery, medical and support vehicles may fulfill the CCP requirement regardless of which side they belong to. Any vehicle that is recovered will return to the side it came from.

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