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AAR Map view 4x speed...

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A interesting video I put together of the AAR, map view only at 4x speed of a Steel Beasts Pro PE co-op mission I participated in this past Monday night... well not really interesting to the average person, or someone who has know clue what SB Pro PE is, which shouldn't be any of you, since this is SB.com... but it's interesting to me because it shows the support by fire elements, the assault elements, the re-enforcements, the recon action and the OH POOP retreat when a recon element crest a hill to see a big ass enemy tank, lol... tons of artillery, movement techniques, assaults, securing locations, and then the enemy counter attack which lead to failure do to low ammo, and low fighting vehicles. All with human players in co-op mode.

Best watched in HD, full screen, to see the units...


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