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I've been playing the HtH II scenario lately (the counteroffensive scenario), and I've been having difficulty achieving a victory.

I make it to the end of the scenario, but I'm not sure about the victory conditions. Does anyone know what the actual conditions are? Should I rush to the second objective and focus on taking out the regimental command units?

Also, does anyone know the best way to clear enemy infantry out of buildings?

Finally, and this is something that's been perplexing: once you take over the first "village" and the support units show up, you also gain control over a pair of M113s that appear to be pulling some sort of trailer. I'm sure it's my inexperience, but just what are these units for? Are these breaching units?

Thank you.


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I don't think I've ever played HtH II, so I can't give you tips on winning there. But I can tell you what the M113s with trailers are. They're M113 MCLIC line-charge mine-clearing breach units. I suggest you get some practice with them and some other support units in the tutorials. Select support (or something like that) from the main tutorial menu, and them select the Mine clearing and Bridge-laying tutorial.

The best way to clear enemy infantry from buildings... You can MG them, but that's not usually the best approach. The best way to destroy enemy infantry in buildings is to shoot the buildings with either HEAT or HE, depending on what you've got.

Finally, since you might encounter the M88A2 towing vehicle on the Friday games, you might also want to try the M88A2 towing tutorial, which is also under support in the tutorial menu. It's a lot of fun once you've learned how to use it.

Hope that helps.

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Sorry for the late response Itkovian.

Unfortunately I haven't got much time to enjoy SB Pro PE at the moment. So it has been quite a while since I've played the two "Hohenfels" scenarios.

I must admit that it became more difficult to win the scenarios with the current 2.370 Version compared to the 2006 Version. Especially the infantry is quite hard to beat in urban environment like Albertshof or the city Hohenfels.

So I've updated both scenarios for the current 2.370 Version.

Here are the victory conditions for "Operation Hohenfels Part II":

Major victory: Take Albertshof, Pöllnricht, Hohenfels and HQ

Victory: Take Albertshof, Pöllnricht

Defeat: Take Albertshof.

I hope this will help you



Operation Hohenfels part I.zip

Operation Hohenfels part II.zip

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