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Scoring? What am I missing?

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I am not understanding something about scoring I guess and need some help.

Last night I played a scenario that comes with the game when installed. (Pro-PE 3002)

Much of the scenario had been set, I.E. checkpoints and so forth so all I really needed to do was issue proceed orders, watch my flank during a major attack and assist any units in danger of being over run.

I did have the option of calling in arty as well which I did not need to use.

I lost no full platoons in the battle but a few platoons lost a unit or two here and there and if I remember, those that did take losses were only two platoons, one a scout platoon of jeeps and the other a jaguar anti-tank platoon.

The enemy on the other hand was decimated. 100%. bow, bow, bow... LOL

Anyhow, the score gave me 260 out of 1000 for the scenario and 26 out of 100 for mission scoring AND was told I LOST the mission as a defeat!!?!?

I hit all milestones in the scenario, accomplished all tasks AND walked away with minimal loss.

What am I missing because this seems to be the case with a lot of missions I am now playing...

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