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Hello Everyone, I'm Flash

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New member here. I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. I'm a retired US Navy Submariner who has always been interested in Armored Warfare as well. My first taste of Tank Sim combat was M1 Tank Platoon II and played it until it stopped working with newer computer O/S.

Steel Beasts Pro PE 3.0 has replaced that old dog and it's a lot of fun.

Some feedback for the site:

The Steel Beasts 3.002 download comes with a Codemeter version that is incompatible with the month-to-month license I bought to try this software before I drop $150 on it. I had to go to the codemeter website to download a newer version. If you added this newer version to the next Steel Beasts, it might save some headaches for new players.

Quick question:

When I am looking down the gunner's sight, I want to cycle zoom with a keystroke instead of pulling my head back out of the gunsight and doing it manually. Is there a key or key combination that cycles Near/Far on the gunner's sight? Is there a key that does the same for Thermal on/off?

Love the site, great game, let's have some fun in multiplayer.

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Dom Dom Dom Dom Dom Dom Dom ... Flash.... Ah Aaaaaaa!!!

sorry couldn't resist :D

Welcome Flash, For altering the magnification, for most sights the 'n' key should do it, for thermals the '+' key on the numeric pad should do the trick.

Most commands can be customised through the options menu too.

good luck and welcome.

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As you have newly installed the sim, the document "keyboardChartV.pdf" in "\docs\PDF for print" will give you 90% of the default keyboard settings.

Exactly where it is on your computer will depend on the installation path that you chose.

If you have started customising your keyboard settings then of course those customisations wont be reflected in the document.

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