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Event logic bug with 3.002 missions edited in 3.011


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I created a mission using v.3.002. I have continued editing it in v.3.011. Event logic appears to work normally, *except* when running a mission after loading a saved plan. Events are improperly "activating" when they should not. And, as far as I can tell, at least one source of error appears to be that parameters using the inequality operators < or > operators appear to be using <= or >= evaluation. I have not undertaken to evaluate every possible way that events could be incorrectly activating, though.

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Was the plan created in 3.002 and then tried in 3.011?

No. It is a very simple plan consisting of a single longish engagement route purely for testing purposes, and I re-create it during the planning phase every time I edit and save the mission (no choice -- once you make a change to the mission, any prior .pln's are invalidated).

There are a minimal number of routes assigned to BLUEFOR units in the editor, which is not the loaded plan I referenced in my original post. BLUEFOR consists of 1 resupply vehicle and ~12 MBT's. All of the MBTs have a spawn-if condition activated by trigger, and each has a single engagement route to a waypoint in the AO. Each such engagement route has a jump-to-end condition of "unit this is anywhere".

And, having said that, it is not the loaded plan itself, or the spawn-if or jump-to-end-if logic that gets screwed up. It's a separate set of conditions and events intended to give the player a series of warnings if he strays into a penalty zone.

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